Tuesday, October 29, 2013

He's Such a Teenager

I'm not going to wax poetic about how long it's been since my last post! In my head, my last post was yesterday, but I just didn't type it out. I always have fodder for this blog, I compose it in my brain, and then it drifts off like a gentle fog into the dark crevices of my psyche. This morning I have a few extra moments to actually take the time to type and I'm gonna!

Casey is fifteen now. FIFTEEN! He is 6'3 or 4 (he's probably grown an inch since I dropped him off at school), he weights 226 lbs too much... I'll allow you to finish your gasp...and he is every bit a teenager now.

Where shall I begin my litany of how much a teenager is he? Shall we start with school? Yes, lets.

He's a Sophomore now and his Sophomore year started out bumpy, despite my attempts at making his day as pleasurable and easy breezy as I had the power to make it. First issue, he HAS to have some academics in his schedule! So unfair! (I am saying this all fasciously, in case you the reader aren't used to my dry wit) My goal was to bring back the days of preschool la la land for him in some way, just so he would want to go to school! But just as I can't keep him from growing an inch a week, I also cannot make every part of his school day happy dappy do! He can do academics on some level, but to me most academics serve him no purpose, so why put him through the strains of having to sit through academic classes? But, since he can't take gym twice a day, academics were added to his schedule. Whatever!

So, he has three "academic" classes. Math, which is extremely remedial and more life skills oriented, the class that he seems to act out the most in, but it's the first class of the day. Science, which is taught by the bubbly girls track team coach. And Basic Computers, which he excels in, but finds himself in a bit of trouble occasionally due to his social endeavors with the other students. In addition to those classes, he has music, gym, and a course called Peer Connections where they do video modeling and soical group activities. Oh, and did I mention he has a one on one parapro all day? His own little grandma away from home no less? Easy breezy indeed!

Despite all of this cush, there are always issues, there's always arguing about going to school in the morning, there are always fights at night about going to bed, there is always backlash at doing the little bits of homework they send home because he didn't finish it at school. There are always at least 4 battles a day, despite his seemingly smooth schedule.


And these battles are just the school oriented ones! Don't get me started on the battles over computer time, getting him to work out, getting him to bath, getting him to wash his hands after peeing, getting him to.... sigh, the list goes on.

Casey is in the deep murky mire of teenagerdom.

And do get me started actually, that way, I will continue to type thoughts instead of brain farting them away! I have so many, and they're pretty entertaining!