Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Year, Come and Gone

We're having our transitional IEP today. This means, I'm coming together with Casey's present school staff, and his future high school staff, and blindly making plans for his next scholastic year.

It seems like just yesterday, I was nervously planning for him to go to his middle school, in a cross categorical setting for the first time, changing classes. And now, he's moving on after what we feel were two rocky but clearly beneficial years there. Casey has come a long way in certain ways, gone back in others, stayed stubbornly the same in some, and has many skills yet to emerge.

I feel a little ashamed that I don't have a legal pad page full of ideas, demands, and thoughts to bring up with me today. But then I've always been a play it by ear sort of mom. I do have the tremendous crutch of my dear friend being there with me today; she is a very experienced advocate who knows the laws and rules up and down, and how to play the game. Maybe that's why I haven't gotten too nervous about this one. And if I think from the perspective that my main goal is setting him up for success, it makes things a lot easier.

I know for sure I'm going to demand physical activity beyond gym class be part of his IEP. It's a must for this boy, who only sits still if he has a computer or some other electronic device of interest in front of him. Casey needs walks, jumps, whatever kind of good propreoceptive input he can get, and it seems this need gets stronger the older he gets. Sitting in a classroom for 45 minutes at time just isn't in his makeup. Sometimes I have to wonder if it's in any kids, and those that seems to be able, how much are they really taking in?

I also feel he still needs a one on one para. Someone not there to hover, but to make sure he doesn't disrupt class because he's not getting the aforementioned movement breaks. Someone to steer him in the right direction. Someone to make sure he comes out of the bathroom and doesn't walk down to the cafeteria when it's not time for lunch. Little things like that, someone to work on an individual basis with him. This is another necessity.

I might throw out too the need for an Alpha Smart, although they seem to poo poo this every year, but I think I'm going to take a stand on this one this year, siting his ability to get his thoughts out much better via keyboard then struggling to write them. Yes, for sure the Alpha Smart.

I'd also like to bring up that I want him to be happy, anxiety free, not bullied, have all the kids act nice to him and include him in everything they do, get really good grades, take in all that is presented to him, behave at all times, participate readily in class, and get straight "A"s....

Yes, I know, dream on. But if I'm lucky, and if we do things right, I don't know why some of that can't come true!

PS Now that he's 5'10, and he's only thirteen, perhaps the bullying isn't even a consideration!


Cindy Lobb said...


so much of what you wrote could be written for Jon. They are recommending Cross Cat for him next year, which means being 'kicked' out to go back to our home district. As you know, we've been down THAT road before - we lost 3 years (1, 2, 3 grades) with that 'decision' and I refuse to lose any more time. He's a year behiind Casey, not nearly as big as Casey, but still very much needs that guidance from a really good para. I hope your IEP went well, and I think I will be contacting your very good friend for some advise myself!

Cindy L

mommy~dearest said...

Awww! Look how grown up he is! Best of luck at the IEP!