Friday, February 3, 2012

Bus Brewhaha

Casey came home from school today just full of conversation, which is always a joy! However, today's conversation was troubling to be sure, and his sudden disconnects after telling me a few tid bits and stating a few thoughts doesn't help matters.

First came the revelation that the kids on the bus told Casey they were going to church after he got off the bus, at least according to Casey. Also, he said they then told him that him they were all going back to school after that. He wasn't sure why, and he seemed confused. I'm pretty sure these kids were screwing with him, or, they were talking amongst themselves being silly, and Casey overheard their conversation.

Hoping the latter, I couldn't help but think back on the stories my wonderful friend and neighbor told me about her oldest son with Aspergers, and how the kids at school would mess with him, him getting into trouble because they coercsed him into doing things he didn't know were wrong, all for the sake of being part of a group of friends.

It made me think, that, if in fact the kids on the bus were messing with Casey, telling him tales out of school, how easily lead he was, and how scary that is. It made me angry too, especially when he continued on.

"I don't want parents to die! I like it when my parents aren't dead!". That line hit me like a punch in the stomach. "Who said that to you Casey, the kids on the bus? Did they say that your parents would die?" I inquired immediately, feeling foolish after the words came out, knowing sometimes you can totally sway his answers with your questions. "No. I don't remember!" he replied, hugging me tight as he said it.

My conspiracy theory mind envisioned the little brats on the bus telling a sweet and guilable Casey that his parents were going to DIE! Little BASTARDS! I then took a deep breath, hugged him back and told him had nothing to worry about, ending my inquisition about the bus brats. I knew I had reached our conversation threshold, and he was ready for some computer time and a snack.

This experience probably isn't the first for Casey, but it is the first time he's relayed so much info about it to me. I'm glad he did. I find it hard to believe the bus driver didn't try to stop such shinanigans or at least let me know it was going on when I got him off the bus. Then again, it's kid stuff, kids do this kind of stuff, especially Middle School kids. Plus the kids on Casey's bus also have impairments, disabilities, learning disabilities, whatever you want to call them. The average maturity level is even a bit lower than that of typical immature Middle Schoolers.

So how does one stop this sort of thing or make sure it doesn't get out of hand, short of taking him off the bus, whihc he seems to enjoy? Well, tell me! I don't know!!!...

Ha, you thought I would have an answer didn't you!

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