Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Sorry, Do You Ever Use Your Brain?"

That's probably what a nurse or someone with considerable medical knowledge would ask me if they had to chance to see how I've handled Casey's being sick this weekend! I'm such a loser sometimes when it comes to this stuff.

The weekend started off with his acting tired when we went to a festival with our dear friends and their dear children Friday night. As we met and greeted them, we sat a at a table under a tent, discussing the eating and drinking situation, when I noticed Casey looking more than tired. Being accused of over analyzing, I made a slight mention of this, but everyone agreed, and this was the first sign of impending sickness coming our way. But (and this all goes back to the title of this post) we pushed on, and I got him a drink and a corn dog and we sat and socialized while he sat, slumped, sipping his drink and not eating his corn dog (don't worry, Mom ate it, couldn't let it go to waste!).

Then we strolled looking at the crap, I mean craft booths (sorry RK), and he followed along, slowly but surely. I've learned from past experience that the power of suggestion is very strong for Casey, so I kept quietly asking Bill if he looked okay to him. If I made mention to the boy himself if he was feeling well, he would try in this strongest voice to say something to the effect of "I'm not sick! I like the festival!". When we'd seen all we could he said he wanted to sit down. I asked him if he wanted to sit down in our car and go home. He quickly said "Yes!".

The night, all night, he had a fever. I laid with him most of the night, thinking puke might be in the future, trash can close at hand. He tossed and turned and moaned and was just completely uncomfortable. In the morning I had to run to Weight Watchers but promised him a bagel from Panera, 'cause that's what I would want after being sick with a fever all night. Somewhere around that time, I thought that maybe I should be giving him some Motrin, but then, I've heard people temper children's fevers too quick and they don't have time to work and kill whatever infection might be causing the fever. I heard that. So, I shunned the Motrin. You stay hot and miserable Casey, I'll be home with your delicious bagel later!

I went to WW with another dear friend who is a wealth of information a) because she has 3 boys of varying ages and b)she actually reads. Plus, she tends to errors on the side of caution. She began quizzing me on his symptoms, asking if I had looked at his throat. "What was his temp?" she asked. "I don't have a thermometer." I answered, embarrassed that a thermometer hadn't been in our house since we had one of those nifty ear ones when he was a baby, and which had broken several years ago. "I'll let you borrow mine." she offered sweetly, probably thinking "She has no thermometer? Geeze."

As the day progressed, and after giving Casey Motrin finally, he seemed much better. He had been looking forward to a Ronald McDonald Magic Show going on at a local McDonald's (of all places). I debated on whether I should take him. The smarter half of my brain said "don't" while the "oh, he's fine, and he needs to get out" side of my head said "do". My sister called in the midst of my decision making and she encouraged me to take him, because, he's spoiled and she didn't know the extent of his sickness. And so, we did..... I know, idiot. Oh, but it gets better.

He was actually fine at McDonald's, and he thoroughly enjoyed the show, and even participated with ol' Ronald. I then noticed that his hair was sweaty and his back clammy through his shirt. Wow, shouldn't that have been a sign that he shouldn't be out? The Motrin was stopping it's magic. We ate and ran after all was said and done. We got home, and he still seemed okay.

It was a lovely day out and he wanted to go swimming. Should I, I wondered again? Maybe the pool would help with his fever..... out in the 90 degree sun you big idiot! Well, so, my dumber side won again and off we went to the pool. Stopping at 7-11 for a Slurpee was the clincher.

As I was paying, the cashier looked behind me and said "Gosh buddy, I didn't know it was so cold in here!" to which I turned to see an uncontrollably shivering Casey. Was it the air conditioner in the store, or the Slurpee? Or the fact that he was sick????????

We got in the car, and he's still shivering despite the rise in temperature coming out the door. Get this one folks! I continued to drive on to the pool! Yes I did! So we got there, and by then, his hand is shaking with the Slurpee in it,he's shivering so hard. But he's still imploring me to go swimming!

Finally, yes, finally, that common sense that seemed to be eluding me ALL day, popped in (especially after I called my smart friend and told her how stupid I had been and she sort of agreed kindly) and we went home.

Well, he fell asleep under two comforters after I gave him more Motrin. Guess he wasn't feeling well! Duh......

He had a great rest of the evening, and we did too, even though we canceled plans to go out to a concert. We were good parents that way!

This morning, he woke feverish again, and threw up. And now, he seems fine again. But guess what, I'm not taking him anywhere. Not one place! He's staying in the house the rest of the day, even if he's doing somersaults and reciting Shakespeare! Pretty smart huh? Good parenting huh? 'Bout time!

But in all fairness to me, although the boy is very verbal, he still has problems telling me how he feels, and that is further perpetuated by the fact that he is in denial when he is sick. He will fight till the end, he hates being sick. He could have his finger cut off (God forbid ) and he wouldn't let me take him to the hospital. I was trying to follow his cues instead of his symptoms, which was dumb, but, it's not the first time. Hopefully, it will be the last