Monday, July 12, 2010

White Castles. . . What Memories are Made Of

As we passed a White Castle the other day, an interesting conversation ensued:

Casey: We haven't had White Castles for awhile!
Me: No we haven't.
Casey: Not since 2008.
Me: Oh, we've had them since then, I think we've had them in the last 6 months or so!
Casey: Yeah, but remember when we had them in March 2008?

I started brainstorming, trying to figure out why he mentioned this date. Then I recalled a night when we were bowling with the family in Indiana, and afterwards, Casey, Uncle Tom, Aunt Sue, Cousin Logan and I got a "Crave Case" from White Castle. It contains what seemed like 50 of the little devils, and we went back to their house and ate way too much. Casey, as I recalled thought it was a hoot! Wanting to test his memory further the conversation went on.....

Me: Yeah, we had them after we went.. oh, what did we do that night?
Casey: We went bowling in Indiana!
Me: Oh that's right, and it was in March huh?
Casey: Yes, March 22nd, 2008!

I grabbed my cell phone and delved into the calendar, going back to 2008, March 22nd to be exact. And it was a Saturday. And I'm pretty sure it was the day we went. I'd bet a White Castle on it.


Deb said...

what a memory!

kristina said...

I bet Casey remembers how many burgers he ate the night of the Crave Cave too!

rainbowmummy said...

Yep, Egg's like that!

Rebecca said...

That is one amazing brain. Imagine the potential.

Indy Girl said...

I cannot believe he remembered that! What a guy!