Friday, February 12, 2010

Gotta BLOG!

The span of time that has passed since my last post makes me think maybe I'm just not a blogger! Geeze Louise!

I was speaking to my dear friend's hubby yesterday, when, rather sarcastically I think, he asked how "Let it be Autism" was going. I just laughed it off, as I usually am laughing the whole time I talk to this guy anyway and said I just didn't have anything significant to write about. That's a great attitude to have when one has a blog!

Now, that's not to say Casey's day to day life as an individual with Autism doesn't contain significant happenings to blog about. I could write just about everyday something he said that was cute, the issues at school, something cool he hasn't done before, etc. But, my sink over flows with dishes, I need to work out, I need to get him off the computer, I need to have a half hour with my husband here and there, and then we all go to sleep. And all the thoughts and reflections I have for the door go down the proverbial toilet, another blog entry and day swept away.

I read so many good blogs, and they are so up to date and recent, and well written, with little blue highlighted references to other up to date blog entries and other places of interest. How do people do it? I know some people who are at a desk anyway working have the distinct advantage of being in front of a computer most of their work day, and blogging I'm certain is a nice break for them. Heck, some people make their living blogging! I can't imagine the dynamics of doing this. It seems like a luxury in some ways, and a giant headache in others.

Blogging for me has been theraputic, and an outlet for my inner writer (at least in my head, I'm a writer). But, it can also be a bit of a challenge for me as well. I wanna write about Casey, but I don't want to be of only interest to my family and friends. I don't want to be preachy, but then, I'm pretty well known for getting on my soap box about 5 times a day. I don't want to be opinionated, here, at least, because honestly, I don't have the energy or attention span to pay enough attention to the issues to feel comfortable enough to pontificate on how I feel about them here. So, what's my hook?

Which leads me back to my conversation with my friend's husband, let's call him "Don". When I remarked that I didn't have much to blog about, he brought up the whole controversy on Aspergers now being put into the Autism Spectrum, and what I thought about it. At the time, we were talking, I was doing the dishes so there's two things I was doing, talking and dishwashing, and no big thoughts came to my head on the subject, so I acted like a rebel and said "I don't know, I don't really care!". He laughed me off as he is so wont to do, not because I'm funny I'm sure, but just silly. But how stupid that I didn't have an opinion! It all goes back to the fact that I thoroughly haven't researched the story, haven't taken the time. Maybe if I had, I could have blogged about it.

So, having said all this, I have to wonder, what is the point of this particular blog entry, but to bitch about how I don't blog, to confirm I have a self induced lack of knowledge, and to pretty much have decided "Don" probably thinks I'm dumb.

What the hell can I do to get 80,000 readers, sponsors, money? I guess blogging more than once a month might be a start.

And oh, you professional writers out there, any suggestions would be appreciated, or you could just tell me to throw in the hat! But then, where would you come to fulfill your need to find errors and bad grammar?