Friday, January 22, 2010

The First Official Post of 2010

I awoke at 5am, the sound of a locked out cat scratching furiously at the door and had that satisfying and yet, not feeling that I was done sleeping, at 5 am.

Casey didn't wake me up in the middle of the night last night and sleeping in my and Bill's bed all night without a sharp 11 year old elbow pushing into my head must have given me the rest I needed. I actually blocked his door as well so that afore mentioned feline couldn't get in his room either.

I suspected this was the case, and maybe why he was waking up every night and coming to get me, half feigning fear of some unknown goolies in his room. I think it was actually a small, furry goolie named Ricky coming in licking Casey's head, perhaps nibbling on any bare flesh he could sink his sharp little teeth into, and knocking over various stacks of VHS tapes available to knock over, that was the actual fear.

So, what else is there to do at 5am than to hop on the computer? I of course checked email, only to find way too many emails from a nice enough lady that got me involved in the health and household cleaners company I buy from, touting the products themselves and trying to lure me into the pyramid like selling system they have. I keep telling her I am one of her best customers but will never "sell" the products for them, I do enough of that crap with my real job. And anyway, anytime anyone wants one of their products, I just order it for them under my "Preferred Customer" status and get the money later.

Then I check Facebook of course, and lo and behold, there is nothing on there different from last night at 10:30 pm when I had last checked it. I fed my virtual fish in Fishville and got some more, cleaned some friends tanks, visited some pages of other people, looked at their photos, realized I was completely bored, and then noted one of my FB friends had a new blog entry.

This of course reminded me how long it's been since I've added to this body of work. I think my last entry was about Casey getting "suspended" for using lewd language. That seems an eternity ago, December 18th.

The holidays came and went, Casey spending a week of his break with the Aunties in Indy, having a break from us, we from him. He even was there over New Years. I believe that might have been the first New Years Eve we didn't celebrate with him since he was born. It was weird, but it was fun to have that little bit of freedom to party like adults to some extent. We really didn't take advantage of the situation as much as we could have but had a nice evening non the less, all the while, I missed having Case here.

And so, the new year has indeed started, and so has school with no big suspensions or arrests to report. It's such a strange time of year. Although it's all fresh so to speak, and I guess "new", life feels a bit stale.

I suppose it's the weather that mostly makes me feel this way. We try to get Casey active just about everyday, whether it's working out with Dad, or swimming with me. But even that gets stale. Yes, I'm using that word again.

The routine of having to bundle up, walking through the cold, overcrowded parking lot and walking into a gym filled with "fair weather" fitness enthusiasts who crowd our beloved Rec Center simply because they made a New Year's resolution to get in shape troubles me to no end. Sometimes taking the easy road and staying in the warm house watching TV sounds much better, but then, Case, and we, need our excercise.

Just bundling up all together everytime you go out here in Michigan gets me down. I could literally stay in from mid November to around April, and even then, not so much. I find that the older I get the worse the cold weather brings me down, and not even the beauty of a newly fallen snow gives that little twinge of excitement any more, unless it means a snow day and an excuse for me to take personal time to stay home with Case.

Thankfully, Casey has awoken and so I must end this uneventful and dare I say whiney first entry of 2010. I swear my entries will bet better. I'd call that a resolution, but then I'd jinx myself and not write till June. Probably not even then, because I would be outside, in the warmth and beauty of summer, not caring about being on the computer.....

Geeze, I gotta go make my morning coffee.......