Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hormones are a' ragin' here at our house as of late, and other places too. At least, that is what I'd like to think.

Case in point, got a call from Casey's lovely teacher yesterday morning. When I see the school number on caller ID I'm always ready to hear that either he puked, hit someone, or cussed enough to get him thrown out of school. Happy news comes in the form of emails, never calls to the cell.

So, with a much regret I answered. She had that tone to her voice straight away that really just made me want to hang up and run. As we got through the standard greetings, she asked "Did Casey have a rough morning?". I had to think back an hour or so, and recalled that, no, he had actually had a pretty smooth morning, with laughter and good vibes all around!

"Well," she continued, "reports came from the other students on the bus that he swore, and when he arrived at school he said several curse words and laid down in the hall!".

Scratching my head, I thought to myself "Damn, the kid gets on the bus and is at school in a matter of 5 minutes if that. What the hell?".

We continued to discuss this issue, both of us as usual assuming it was someone or something giving rise to such a tantrum and not a random act of belligerence. He usually isn't random about such behaviors, and in fact, I contend many kids on the spectrum verbal or non, have reasons for such episodes.

Anyway, I requested what she had already considered, that they do some investigative work to find out what happened, what triggered him.

After interrogating some children, info surfaced that the bus driver had pulled away that morning before Casey could properly fasten his seatbelt, frustrating him to the point of cursing, and even having the kids help him get it on didn't make things better. This carried over into his arrival there, it's hard for him to let things go quickly. So, there it was, the reason. It may seem like a silly reason, or not serious enough to justify an out burst like that, but it mattered to him.

It mattered to him, and it bothered him, and I contend that his current biological state is not helping him handle things well sometimes. HORMONES! That has to be it. I swear, when the kid wakes up and seems an inch taller every week how can anyone argue?

Is there a pill for hormone control? I know they give therapies to us gals going into our middle age years, why not for kids on the spectrum who don't have the wherewithall to handle the feelings that engulf and enrage them? I need to call Dr. Oz or somebody....

Anyway, prepared today to get on the bus behind him and insure his belt was fastened before he took off to avoid yet another episode, I was pleasantly surprised. As he stepped on, I heard several children say his name in a happy manner, and one girl imparticular spoke to him as he passed her saying "Casey, sit by me!". He plopped down and she immediately helped him with his seatbelt, and he was all smiles. I stepped off the bus, smiling myself.

Hhhhmmm, just like a baby who cries to get attention because he needs something, Casey's outburst could certainly fall in the same vein. He got what he needed apparently, some direction and help. We just need to teach him he can get that without using the "f" word!