Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Take it Back... A Little......

Quite a while back I went on a rant about how much I hated Youtube because we felt it was probably the leading expletive inducer for Casey next to our own potty mouths. Plus, it's just disturbing how a child can put in a search for "Blue Clues" video snippits and they could suddenly be seeing "Blue Balls" video snippits..... Just really inapropriate.

Anyhoot, he still plays Youtube sometimes, but never without my ever listening ears and watchful gaze in the vicinity. He does pretty well censoring what he sees, with only the occasional cuss word blasting over the airways, quickly cut off by a giggling boy.

He has his own account that I allow him to put videos on, mostly for his own entertainment but to share with family and friends as well so it's public. If you are unfamiliar with Youtube, let me explain that there is a forum after each video posted that allows viewers to comment on the video they have just watched. We have recieved, of course, snotty, obnoxious, and rude comments as you can well imagine because it seems there are a group of people out there who watch boring little videos made by children and then rake them over the coals. An admirable way to spend your time right!? But, we just delete the nasty comments and move on.

I have read comments of some of the videos Casey watches, not his own, and people write horrible things sometimes, just about say, a Wiggles Video. I beg him not to read the comments, afraid of what he'll pick up even there.

So, this morning, while checking email, I noted that we recieved 2 emails from Youtube, and I almost didn't read them. I don't know if it's how we have our account set up or what but when someone comments on one of Casey's videos, they get sent to our email.

Thinking that they might be nice comments I could show Casey, I opened the first and it read....

SBloxLines has replied to your comment on Oobi DVR challenge:
They still play it, If you have DISH It's on 169 at 12:00 and 12:30 (PM) Sometimes 5:00 AM Also.
You can reply back by visiting the comments page.

"Replied back?" I almost said out loud. That would mean that someone in our house had commented on someone else's video. Bill would never comment on an Oobi video, it's a kid thing, no interest, and well, I just don't care. So I clicked on this video of SBloxLines and skimmed down the commments section, suddenly eyeing one from our account, named Billboncasey, that read:

what happen to noggin?

Casey had taken it upon himself to comment. A little background, this Oobi was a show on a network for kids named "Noggin" and they dropped "Noggin" and call it Nick Jr. now, much, much, much to Casey's dismay. He has been asking me about this for a couple of days, why it changed, why it isn't Noggin anymore, and now, he was seeking out info on Youtube! So cute. And this fellow nerd, SBloxLines, replied to tell him where he could still find Noggin being broadcast! Too funny!

The next email was from the same person and again was a reply to a comment, made by Casey himself...

SSBloxLines has replied to your comment on Oobi Short Program Promo (Commercial) for Babies and Toddlers:
And PBS Kids. (Noggin = 169 DISH | PBS Kids = 13 DISH
You can reply back by visiting the comments page.

Yet another reference to where he could find this Noggin channel still. Being nosey once again, I went back to this person's other video Casey clearly watched and skimmed the comments only to find....

1999-2000 the good old days of noggin huh?

Casey wrote that comment! Casey referenced the year it was from and typed out a nostalgic thought he had on it! I was floored. I know this was a long post to get to this but really, finding out he commented in this fashion, and that he commented at all made me almost cry, it really did.

I hope this post made sense, and I hope you understand why I posted about it, Yet another one of those instances where even the smallest cool thing seems huge in your head, especially when you are dealing with challenges day in and day out. That just made my day.......