Monday, September 14, 2009

Man Boobs Won't Stop Us!

Well, in our case, boy boobs! Yes, Casey is currently dealing with a phenomenon some pubescent boys experience, boy boobs. It's odd, my little boy, who was always skinny, skinny, skinny, has in the last year and half developed quite a belly, and well, boy boobs. We're all a little concerned, but I've read up online of course, the ultimate source of knowledge, and found that it is quite typical among preteen boys.

I also came upon some info on tea tree oil and lavendar oil and it's use in various products and how those can also cause this breast growth in young boys. I've been using such items regularly since November on Casey, but I found photos of him from last summer, and the boobs were there then, just less severe, so that theory sorta went up in smoke!

So, now, while waiting to see if this irradication of all things tea tree oil and lavenderish will qualm the boobage, we still have to endure the stares and glares from those at the pool who are just too ignorant not to stare and glare. It's not enough that this awkwardly tall boy who starts stimming the minute he steps into the pool area can't help his stims, but add on those 34 B's, and well, he's quite a sight!

I know what people are thinking... "How did she let that happen to that boy?" and "She should reallly cover him up!" etc. I don't know how it happened, I still contend it's puberty and the accordion theory will go into effect soon and he'll grow 5 inches and everything will stretch. I truly didn't plan on my kid having boobs, it's not my fault! Wahhhhhh!

We were going around the lazy river and two little kids literally swam in front of us to get a better look at him and the one said to the other "He's got BOOBS!".... Being the mother Tiger that I am, I quickly rushed to his defense, he being oblivious.

"What did you say?" I growled.

"She said it!" the one kid said.

"He can't help it!" I snapped "and you're rude!".

The kids paddled against the tide of the lazy river as fast as they could, and I'm pretty sure they were, well, frightened of me, and I really couldn't care less, little shits. I was hoping they would go "tell on me" to their mommy and she would come over to "talk" but no one ever showed up. Perhaps I scared them a little too much. Perhaps they knew they did something wrong, and didn't want to tell their mom. Perhaps.

Anyhoot, acting as a human shield and urging Casey to swim so his bod was mostly underwater the rest of our outing, I thought to myself "Well, this is great, his stimming is bad enough, but now, should I even put him through being scrutinized about his boy boobs? Should we not come swim anymore until they disappear? That could be years! Should I buy him a a man bra of some sort? What to do?".

I finally did an internal calm down and came to my senses and decided SCREW IT! Boy boobs are not going to stop us from coming and doing something that Casey loves to do. Boy boobs will not run our lives! Boy boobs are no match for our seeking out fun activities and getting excercise (to get rid of the boy boobs)! Nope, these boy boobs won't bring us down! Let 'em stare, let 'em whisper, let 'em speculate, let'em, who cares?

Having said that, anyone who might come up and say something to us point blank will feel the pain of my mother tiger teeth!!!!

Perhaps a t-shirt for Casey may not be a bad idea.......

Editor's note: non of the images used in this blog entry are of Casey ..... but that guy with the "mansierre" is awful sexy!)