Friday, September 11, 2009

The First Week of School, in His Teacher's Words and Mine

I recieved an email from Casey's lovely teacher this morning concerning his week, so I thought instead of going into extreme and no doubt boring detail from my perspective, I would just allow her email to tell the tale of his first week back. Not one for sitting back and saying nothing, I shall add in my remarks where I feel they are appropriate/add to her thoughts. So remember, the italicized words are me, Bonnie, who writes this blog, the regular words, Casey's teacher....

Hi Bonnie,

I must apologize for not getting back to you sooner...I am so sorry. I
have been swamped - 11 hour days at school and I am remodeling my kitchen
at home, plus putting up a fence in my boyfriend's yard, so my life has
been a bit too busy.

No problem at all Teach, I feel lucky to hear anything let alone a multi paragraph email from you when so many other parents have told me they receive nothing! So you have a boyfriend? Merowwwwr!

Let me just say that Casey has been having awesome days, and is doing
fantastic. He is getting his work done, is excited to be at school, and
talks about being happy. Can you send in some bite size butterfingers
again? He still asks for them and likes to work for one when things are a
bit rough for him. On Tuesday he had trouble turning off the commercials,
and yesterday he wanted the headphones, but was able to pull it all
together both days.

"Awesome" and "Fantastic" in one sentence!? This is where I stop reading right!!? I love that he is excited about school, I hope that he stays excited. I should have remembered to send in the Butterfinger incentives the first day, but I'm glad she reminded me! I'm not surprised he couldn't turn off the commercials since he DVRs them! Pulled it all together? Now that is awesome and fantastic!

I know things were a little bumpy for him in the morning yesterday coming
in (he stomped some of the flowers in the courtyard on the way in from the
bus), and said he didn't want to come in to school. Just an FYI - his bus
has been arriving late in the morning and in the afternoon as well. It's
getting better, but it has been late.

Well, flowers are overrated and I wouldn't want to come to school after a 20 minute bus ride either when I only live 5 minutes from school! I've been struggling with this whole bus thing because timewise, it would just make more sense for me to take him since we really are barely 5 minutes away. BUT, he wanted to ride the bus, and I thought it would get him into a routine better. We'll see how it goes....

We have the same students this year plus one more - his name is Marvin, so
you may hear Casey talk about him. Mrs. Moxham is the other teacher this
year and we have been doing things with her room as well, so if you hear
him mention her, that is why. Mrs. Walsh is also in that room, as well as
some of Casey's friends from Coolidge, so he is surrounded by familiar,
friendly faces.

She's eluding to all the people who were invovled with him in 4th grade, who he loved. So how nice is it to think he is in with a teacher he loves and has the one he loved in 4th grade so close by along with old friends from that class? I can't ask for much more right now!

We will be asking for money for CBI trips again, but we are not sure how
much we will need this year, so we will let you know. I am so excited to
have Casey back, and think this will be a wonderful year in many ways.
Casey asked me about my trip to Europe which was so nice. He will be
joining Mr. Ziegler's room this year for World Language which will begin
next week.

"CBIs" are "Community Based Instruction" where they go out into everyday situations IE grocery stores, fast food restaurants, etc. and learn how to do things. I love them, not only do they get instruction, but if it's nice they walk and get out of school. It's a long day. I hope it will be a wonderful year too, I love her attitude! I love that he asked her about her trip. He asked me several times over the summer about her being in Germany (I think he was thinking he would get a souvenier!! The World Language Class is with regular ed I believe and it should be awesome since he is really into Spanish and other languages.

I need to run so I can get ready for work. I hope all is well with all of
you at home. Talk to you soon,


She wrote this at 5:12 am. She is awesome. We're very lucky, she totally understands him and I pray that this letter is a precursor to a great year and that I won't be using parts of it to write a nasty blog about her at some point! First week down, 49 to go!