Monday, September 7, 2009

That Time of Year Again....

Yes, it's back to school time again! Yay! Yippee! Hoorah!...... Yay......

If I sound less than enthusiastic, it's because every year at this time, my guilts hit me like a brick wall when I realize time has run out, and I have to wonder what the hell I've been doing all this time he was free, and now he won't be... OH, I was working! Yeah, it sorta stinks that I had to put so much energy into figuring out who got to spend time with my child on his summer break, but such is life.

Now, he's gonna be at school all day, I'm gonna be workin' all day, and, well whatever. I'll quit complaining. I just think about all the things that could have been...zoo, Cedar Point, trips to the local lake/beach, trips to the museum that I planned but never took him to. Oh well, maybe next summer.

On an upbeat note, he seems very excited about going back, and keeps repeating his commercial pertaining to the subject. ""Blank" Elementary School is back, and bigger and better than ever! Coming September 8th!".

It's also so nice to think he's going to be with his teacher from last year. I know some say that kids should switch up teachers every year, but familiarity is good for Casey in every way. He loves her and trusts her and she really pulled a lot out of him last year. I think she's going to be pleasantly surprised to see how much more talkative and conversational he is this year. Hopefully, the gross stuff from my previous post won't rear it's ugly head in the classroom, but, she can handle that too. She probably won't believe how huge he's gotten over the summer either. I'm guessing at least 2 inches have been added to his already above average frame, as well as a few more pounds!

He's taking the bus, this year to school so can get into a better routine in the morn, and it gives me something to remind him to get ready for in the morning. We drove by school today and I showed him the route the bus would take to get him there. I showed him the door again where he went into last year. We've always done this little routine over the years, it seems to help.

And so, with his new cool red and black backpack (I picked it out, so I hope it's cool, 'cause he could care less), a snappy new outfit, and a good attitude, his first day of school should be great, especially since it's a half day, which I don't get. You know there will be pictures posted of course!