Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Did My Kid get So GROSS?

Again, when did my kid get so gross? All these new things are starting to happen and I want to know why all the sudden like? Oh wait, puberty? He's not even 11 years old.... But I did discover just recently underarm hair as previously mentioned which disturbed me to no end so it could be.

I mean, when did it become okay to shout "I let out a fart!" on our bike ride while a woman is walking by, right in earshot. When did it become fun to lay in bed without one's pants on doing who knows what under the blankies? How is it suddenly fascinating and necessary to touch various parts of one's body and smell your finger afterwards, discreetly you think, but it's not. Why does one become deaf when picking one's nose out in public, total oblivious, or so I think, to my reprimands? Why would one feel it's okay to kinda push one's self against someone inappropriately during an innocent hug?

I know, I know, he has Autism, he's getting hormonal, expect it. I also know that these are things "Neuro-typical" boys do or want to do too, I think, but just have a conscience or a little voice in their head or something that tells them to not! Or at least, be discreet, please.

Where can I buy that voice? Can I inject a conscience into his brain? Anyone got a good sexuality book to suggest? Is it too late for a cocktail? It's 8:46pm, I think it's the perfect time for a cocktail!