Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back By Popular Demand and This Summer in a Nutshell

....or so I'd like to think as much. My friend teased me in my own comments section no less, that the woman who wrote the "Julie & Julia" blog, now made even more famous by the wonderful movie by the same name that is out now, never missed a day of blogging. And I have missed, well, several. No way to get one's blog made into a movie she reminded me! Well, that whole thought is a bit moot, even if I wrote 4 entries a day! But, it does remind me how much I love my blog, and how neglectful of it I've been, if not in relation to the movie companies, but more in relation to my own sanity!

Many factors have contributed to this neglect. Summer in general has proven overly busy for me, us. I can't even remember if I ever mentioned this, recalling only my crappy attempt at poetry as the last thing I posted, but Casey has been going to a summer day camp for the second year. The camp is for kids 9 to 14 and 11 months (weird), who have any variety of disabilities, be they physical and/or mental.

Last year he was the youngest there, and seemed most of the kids were boys who were in there teens, likely at the 14 and 11 month mark, and Casey seemed really little next to a lot them. This year, they were all gone, replaced by more, but not so intimidating big boys, considering Casey seems to have grown about 4 inches since last summer and put on about 20lbs (gulp). There are also several young ladies of various ages, who Casey seems to reference more than any of his fellow male campers.

The counseling staff is made up of a group of college age kids, most going to school for education and special education degrees. One woman was a parapro for years which adds to that secure feeling I have when leaving him with the camp. He really seems to have clicked with them this year, giving them all "Toy Story" related nicknames.

They have done so much stuff, from water parks, to a trout farm of all things, to ceramics painting, to Chuck E. Cheeses. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they stay around the area and swim in the indoor rec center and have theme activities. Yesterday was "Hawaii Day" for instance. Casey came home with a grass skirt he had made out of yarn and strips of paper and a lay with his name in Hawaiin on it.

It's funny when I pick him up, he's very ready to go, as is apparant when I'm signing him out, chatting with the counselors, and he's already gotten his back pack and is getting into the car.

The conversation in the car on our way home is well, very limited. Not many details of the day are offered on his part, and at first I would dig, dig, dig, but it would only serve to agitate him. I finally wised up towards mid camp and just let him tell me what he wanted, considering it was a long day of activities and he just always seems burned out, but in a good way.

This could be taken as a sign that he's not enjoying it at all, which occured to me at one point early on, but, when he comes home and wants to see his schedule the camp so kindly supplied for each week, so he can see what's going on the next day, I have to think, things are going pretty well. I never get a fight in the morning, and last week, he was actually sad that it was Friday (unimaginable to me) because he didn't have camp all weekend! Guess Bill and I just aren't that fun!

So, as you can gather, the whole camp experience has been a success! Friday is our last day, and then we have 3 whole weeks to fill before going back to school, which poses many challenges. Namely, work for both Bill and I!

My mom is coming in to help out for several days next week, and then that Friday we're going on a family trip to Chicago which hopefully will be fun! But then 2 more weeks to follow! Oh well, I'll stress out when it comes I suppose, finding taking things day by day sometimes is best for my psyche!

I also haven't been posting due to my irrational and well, embarressing addiction to Farm Town, a stupid game on Facebook, where you maintain a virtual farm, while having friends be your "neighbors" who come over and "harvest" for you, and you for them. Your goal is to get to certain levels so you can buy new things for your farm ie houses, fences, ponds, rivers, etc.. I'm up to 27 and can buy rivers now.....boy, I've accomplished a lot this summer huh? My addiction is wearing down, although I still have in head that I want to reach level 34, the highest level. I don't know why, just do.

And, along with nightly bike rides, and weekend trips to Indy and trip to Kings Island, and blissful nothingness, the summer is slowly creeping by, and I'm loving it. The thought of school starting, although it will alleviate child care issues, is daunting and sad when I consider he is going to be a 6th grader.

Oh well, I'll just take that day by day too.......