Wednesday, July 1, 2009

He's Growing Up...sniff sniff......

As mentioned in a previous post, Casey's tastes don't often reflect those of a "typical" 10 year old. At the time I wrote that one, he was really into Barney of all things again, and the Wiggles. Currently, he is really gotten back into Blue's Clues, which I have to confess is fine with me, I always thought Steve was kinda cute. Watching them now, I have to say that honestly, although the show was clearly produced with young children in mind, it's really not all that "babyish". Steve actually talks straight to the camera, and he talks normally, not in a weird sing songy way (ie Barney), and they teach pretty good, if not basic lessons in English, math, science, and even history sometimes.

I bring this up because most 10 year olds wouldn't be caught dead watching Blue's Clues. No way! I would fathom to guess some 7 or 8 years olds wouldn't even put in such a video. So, was I wrong when I assumed Casey would enjoy a show put on at our local library by a woman called "The Music Lady", which is geared for toddlers and young children? He likes Blue's Clues, he probably would still like "The Music Lady".

We'd seen her about 2 years ago, and Casey LOVED her then. He got up and danced, sang, and even joined into a follow the leader sort of song around the auditorium, even then towering over the children that were at the time a year or two younger than him. He blended in, a bit. When I told him "The Music Lady" would be performing, and asked if he would want to go see her, he answered yes, less than enthusiastically. That should have been my first clue....

When we arrived, we found the performance starting in a small meeting room (well, it seemed small considering the 25 or so little ones sitting on the floor with all their parents sitting in chairs behind. The first time we saw her, it was in an auditorium, roomy, airy, good acoustics, less crowded.

As mentioned, the kids, all ranging from ages of 1 to 6, were sitting in front of her on the floor. I asked Case if he wanted to sit with them and he said no quickly, and I sensed embarrasment when I asked him. I wasn't used to this, and the light started to flicker in my brain, "What was I doing to this boy?".

So, we sat in the back row of chairs, behind the kids, behind the parents. The Music Lady began her performance, and I'm sitting there with a shit-eatin' grin, enjoying her goofy yet lovable deameanor with the kids. She started singing and I immediately started clapping along, not really thinking and looked over at Casey. He was sitting, rubbing his face and his eyes. He quickly looked at me and, I believe now, feigned interest for my sack and sort of started clapping.

This continued, and when she told everyone to stand up so we could do "Ring Around the Rosey" and "Motor Boat", the truth hit me like a wet dishrag! He was too old for this, physically, and mentally! I tried him out, grabbing his hands to see if just maybe he wanted to participate, and he quickly pulled his hands away, and asked if we could go look at the videos in the library. I gave in, respectful of his boredom, and lead him out.

I stood behind him as he pulled out each video, thinking about my faux pas. Why would I bring a 5'4, ten year old to a show clearly for little ones?

Well, he likes Blue's Clues, and that's on the same level, I thought.

Maybe I should have picked up on his sudden awareness of, I don't know, wanting to look his age(?) when that same morning he didn't want to bring his Blue's Clues sleeping bag to camp for "Camping Out" Day. He chose a more mature sleeping bag with a non descript rocket ship on it.

So, this new phenomena of almost hiding his immature likings is throwing me for a loop, in good and bad ways. In terms of bad, it just makes me sad that the days of going to such shows are over. I loved taking him to perfomances like this, but if he's bored or uncomfortable, then I guess I just need to go rent a baby. As for good, well, it is good that he is aware of how he looks to some extent, maybe wanting to blend in with his peers, not wanting to be associated with little kids despite his secret video choices.

Yet another sign of his growing up, and in way, a typical growing up thing to go through. I mean, did I tell people I secretly brushed my Barbie's hair till I was thirteen?.....Wait, I didn't write that did I?