Friday, May 29, 2009

Facebook is my Friend

Almost a month! Almost a whole month it has been since I have last blogged! Shame on me.

It's not like I had nothing to blog about. On the contrary, much has happened the last 4 weeks that would have made great fodder for a number of entries. But alas, not a one has has made it's way here.

I haven't gotten any big requests for an entry, so I don't think I've dissappointed anyone, so that's good. My 12 followers haven't started a petition to get me to do another entry, so that makes me feel like no when really gives a .....

But like I always say, I blog for myself, and the only one I should care about disappointing ismyself! Oddly, even I'm not that bummed. I think it's only a genuine blog when one writes when they want to write and from the heart. So my heart hasn't been into it lately.

I have for some reason unbeknownst to me been capitvated by Facebook. I spend a lot of time there. It's cool, I've reunited if you will with some friends and family that I haven't seen or talked to in years, so there's that. But my fascination with checking in to see status updates and to see if someone has commented on my own is really sorta weird for me.

At one point I just quit Facebook, didn't tell anyone, just did it, my apparant addiction startled me so. I had to be free, I had to stop checking to see if someone found my witty status remarks funny, I had to stop seeing who was online so I could chat them up even though they probably didn't want to talk to me, I HAD TO STOP!

My friends were surprised and razzed me about it. And within a week, I couldn't stand it any longer and got back on. The only advantage to doing that whole martyrlike sacraficial act was that I was able to quietly ditch a person who I had accepted as a "friend".

He had been my manager years ago at one of my first jobs, and at the time, there was a group of us that partied together, and I always wondered if he had a crush on me. I mean, he did buy me all the Cadbury Creme Eggs that were marked down after Easter in our store. I think that says "crush" right there. And although I took and probably ate them all, we never "hooked" up so to speak. But alas, he found me on Facebook, and we reunited.

It was good to hear from him, but, he would send these daily queer heart things and happy faces and talk about Nascar and that was just about it for me, and so, I ditched him. I quietly ditched him. I figured after a week of me not posting, he'd think I fell off the face of the earth. Facebook let's you do that. I haven't be defriended yet that I know of but it could happen and I check periodically. If only real life could be that easy!

And so, that's what my life has been lately, in this order: Casey, Bill, cats, work, housecleaning, trying to lose weight for the weddings coming up this summer, Facebook, email, fish. Sad huh?

I haven't even been reading other's blog. I take that back, I have been reading the Queen of Autism blogging, Kristina Chew, formerly Autism Vox. But then, she's my Facebook friend, and she posts when she blogs, so that way, I go and read, I don't have to seek things out.

Facebook is just making things too easy. Reunions with people I haven't thought about for years, getting rid of people after I've met them, finding immediate approval about my status updates, reading blogs without seeking them out. I couldn't do this without Facebook. I love Facebook!

I gotta go and post that I blogged now, on Facebook.......

Hey, come over and look me up, Bonnie Stonebraker Davis. But don't you dare defriend me!