Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Faux Hawks and Growing up

This, is Casey's new look. The Faux Hawk. Not a real Mohawk, but a Faux Hawk. For those of you not getting it, it's a Mohawk like style gelled and sprayed out of a regular haircut. There is no shaving involved, no permanency, although he has woken up with a Faux Hawk from the day before, a testament to the fine hair styling products we use I guess.

I usually help him get his bedhead under control each morning and one day, just for shits and giggles, made it into a Faux Hawk, totally expecting him to flatten it down immediately. But instead, he touched it delicately while admiring himself in the mirror, and walked away satisfied. The next day, I asked him if he wanted the same, and he did, and thus began the era of the Faux Hawk.

I'm not a trendy gal, so needless to say, I don't try to have a trendy child. But after going to his school for something or other and seeing the other boys with an array of hairstyles beyond the realm of what I could have ever seen when I was in grade school, I considered this trendy move on our part. Perhaps others will think he looks cool at least with the Faux Hawk. Or, is it possible to look cool while regaling yourself out loud with one of your favorite commercials, despite whatever hairdo you might have? Who knows?....

I even wrote his teacher a little note stating that I am not forcing the Faux Hawk upon him, but that he insists on it each morning. She in turn replied that everyone loves the new look and even a teacher he didn't associate with came in to tell him how trendy he looked! So, apparantly, the Faux Hawk is going over well all around.

I'm a bit fascinated with this whole new awareness of appearance, because he truly has never cared much before about his clothing or hair or anything like that. In fact, I'm very conscious of what he has on each day, just so he doesn't "look" like a nerd. But I love that he is thinking about his hair and how it looks. I love that he stands still and watches in the mirror the whole time I am creating the "do". It's normal for kids to want to look cool, and if he thinks that he looks cool with the Faux Hawk, then he has some normalcy going there, and that's really cool! Just a little sign that he's growing up I do believe.

Thank God for sensory issues, or else I fear ear piercing might come next!