Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Again, I have been extremely remiss in keeping up with my blog. It's been a busy time. Casey is in Indiana with his loving mothers...I mean Aunts. Spring Break came up before I knew it, and I finally decided to take him there the weekend before, and then come back, work Monday thru Wednesday and then go back and spend the rest of his Spring Break in Indy.

He's having a great time. At this very moment, I believe he is at some big indoor amusement park dealie driving racing cars with his Aunt Sue. He loves Indy. I know he thinks life there is awesome because he is only there short spans of time. During these time spans, everyone caters to him and we try to do stuff that's fun for him, he eats out a lot, and gets pretty much whatever he wants. I think he believes that's how things would be if he was there all the time. Not to mention he has a great love for the local Indy news station. Indy is a dream land for Casey.

While childless, I actually watched "Twilight" sans Bill in the room, too much of a chick movie I suppose. (Having said that, he was watching "Dancing with the Stars" in the other room. Hhhmmmm?.....) I really enjoyed it, the characters were good, my disturbing attraction to the mysterious Edward was troubling and exciting at the same time (especially since I'm pretty sure the actor who played him is like 15 years younger than me, but a lot of other "older" broads have agreed he is alluring),and the story was great. I didn't read the book, way too much trouble, but I think I might now.

I have cleaned, worked longer without worrying about getting Casey off the bus, read some magazines, and tonight, we are going out with our dear friends to celebrate a birthday. Margaritas will flow, and it will be fun.

I do however miss Casey immensely. Isn't odd how when your kids around, you're constantly thinking about what you could be doing if you didn't have to mess with them? And now, I have this time, and I'm missing him! My sister keeps sending pictures over the cell of him enjoying Dairy Queen, or at this amusement park deal and I am jealous that I'm not there watching him have fun! I guess I'm not as sucky a mom as I thought.

And most importantly, he's having fun, and getting loved. And even more importantly, we didn't have to get a babysitter and I can whoop it up tonight! Hee haw!!!!!!!!