Monday, March 16, 2009

What Makes You Giddy?

As I drove up my driveway today, I noted a box by the side door. As I got closer, I could read the name on the outside of it, the company that I order monthly from to get Eco friendly cleaning stuff and body stuff and vitamins. I believe I mentioned the company in one of my prior postings, but I'm not even going to link you to it. When I do mention the name, or talk about how much I like this or that, people always think I'm trying to sell them something, but I'm not, and thusly, I don't want you to think that either... again, I'm not trying to sell anything.

Whenever I get these shipments, I get this little flutter in my chest, like you do when you get a present from someone who you know buys really good presents. I know what's going to be in there, I ordered the stuff. It often eludes me at that point what it is I ordered, it's usually been a little short of a week since I made my order, so it's sorta like a surprise to open. Often, I order things I've never tried, and since it's mail order only, I've only seen pictures, and never had the chance to smell or hold the item. Yet another exciting aspect, for me, to get my box from #$(!$(@#$%. It's sorta goofy that something like this can make me this giddy, but it does, and maybe that's a small part of the reason I order this stuff, other than I think it's awesome and know it works great.

My point of sharing this sorta of pathetic little tale is the idea that isn't it great in life that such little things can make us giddy, give us a little happiness and/or excitement in such a bursty fun way that it can really give you something to look forward to. For me it's little things, like getting this box once a month. It can also be something so small as getting my favorite Fage Greek yogurt with honey on the side at Trader Joe's and knowing it's in the frig, waiting for me later that night. It's buying a new thing of eyeshadow and trying it out. It can be knowing I need to go to PetSmart to load up on cat and fish supplies and having an excuse to go over and visit the homeless kitties. Just silly little things that perk up my spirit.

And really, in this day and age of watching one's budget, not taking trips very often, not really going out on big shopping sprees, or eating out as much as we used to, it's nice to have little things to bring out that feeling of giddiness.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Uh, what about Casey's awesome time at school? Doesn't that make you giddy?". Of course, something like that makes me ecstatic! Anything with Casey doing well or progessing is a blessing from above! But the little things I speak of are strictly for me, my little joys in life and no one elses, my special little treats!

So, what makes you giddy?

PS: although the woman in the picture above is looking excited and GIDDY, it's not me!~