Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a Bunch of Stuff

Wow, I got a whole hour to myself! So what do I do?

Do I change the sheets on all the beds (all 2) which really should be changed?

Do I workout my big fat butt that really needs to be worked out?

Do I map out my work for tomorrow as I navigate the mean streets of Detroit, checking out new stores to call on for my boss, who chose to stay off the mean streets of Detroit herself?

Do I make some spaghetti and fake meatballs and blog?

YES! That's what I am going to do, and still maybe have time change the sheets. The rest can go to hell!

Where should I start? I suppose the latest on Casey and his school situation would be my best bet, considering this blog is about him primarily.

So, he's doing great. We have the whole day back to a routine that is working for him. We get continuous great reports from his loving teacher, and he is just a joy to be around (for the most part). You can tell his anxiety level has dropped profusely since getting back to his original classroom and out of a room that expected him to be just like all the kids.

His teacher and we have both noticed a lot more speech, conversational speech, coming out of him. He initiates a lot of conversations, which is always awesome.

The mornings are a breeze. No more mystery sicknesses, no more not getting out of bed, no more arguments. He actually bounces around in the morning, eats great breakfasts, and is extremely cooperative. It's amazing what a few changes at school can do for a boy.

I recently went to Chicago for a 3 day meeting. My mommy came and stayed to help Bill out with being there when Casey got home from school and what not. Bill actually loves for her to come because she is a cleaning addict and feels she needs to be doing so at all times, in between watching various reality shows and Dr. Phil. I joked to Bill that really the only difference of having her here instead of me is the clean factor (oh, and the whole sex thing can creep it's sick joking little head in there, but we'll let that go!!!)

I got to hang out with her a bit more when I got back and then Case and I took her back to Indy over the weekend. It was fun visiting with the chicks in the family, including my lovely neices, who are usually pretty busy! And we dyed my hair, on the recommendation of my neice and sister who are way hipper than I, and got it back to it's actual brunette tone. It's still taking some getting used to coming from a drab washed out light brown/dark blond, but it's growing on me. No, I will not include a photo.

Disturbingly, our basement is flooding right now. No standing water (yet) but just water flowing into whatever drain it can reach, drenching part of our carpet, forcing us to wear rubbery shoes each time we go do laundry. We had to use various workout equipment pieces to build a 'bridge' for the kitties to reach the litter boxes so they don't have to slosh through the wet carpet. It sucks, but I am trying to tell myself much worse things could be occurring.

Billy's 45th b-day is this weekend so a lovely dinner with our family has been planned. Should be fun! I still hate that he's 5 years older than I and looks younger. Oh well.

And that's about it! I kinda feel like I just produced one of those nerdy Christmas letters people send out with their cards each year. Around here, we enjoy having Bill do dramatic readings of such letters, much to my amusement. Everything is always wrapped up in a pretty little package in them, and those who wrote them always seems to have it just a little better than we do! I hope you don't come away with that same feeling after reading this...I mean we can't all have a flooding basements and old husbands!

I gotta go strain my sgetti....