Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I got Duped...I think!

Casey's teacher called around 2:30 this afternoon to report that Casey was complaining of a stomach ache. She explained that he hadn't really complained much all day until they were coming home from a field trip, and when he had to go to the other class, that he hates.

The she told me that he said he didn't want to ride the bus home and have to wait for the other 4 kids to get off before him. She also reported that he had had a healthy bowel movement at school (good to know!) There has been, she reported, some bug going around, so maybe that could be it but he did seem fine most of the day.

So, being a good mom, despite the fact that nothing had really been proven, and despite that he only had one hour to go, I got my work done toot suite and got on the road.

As I rounded the corner to the hall leading to his classroom, I could hear him before I could see him saying "OK "blank" upper elementary school ( I'm hiding the name of the school to protect the innocent), I'm going but I'll see ya later! This is the end of the Casey show at "blank" upper elementary!". Wow, he sounded so sick!

His parapro looked at me and said "He seems fine now!". Great.

I hauled his little ass to the grocery and he picked up a Butterfinger, always good for an upset stomach. I got him some ginger ale, just in case he wasn't really feeling good, but I really had my doubts.

In the car home, I asked him if he felt OK and he said he didn't have a tummy ache but a cough, followed by a fakey hacking cough sound.

I believe he fooled his teacher and me.

Duh, really?

I have to wonder though about the bus issue. He is the closest to school so he's the last to get dropped off, so maybe it seems like a long ride, but I'm surprised he'd go to such extremes to avoid the ride, let alone put so much thought into getting out of it.

Somehow, the stripes seem appropriate!