Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Reunion

Just when I start to think Casey's drive to have a friend has severely diminished, a simple trip to the pool puts my fears to rest.
We went to the pool last night while Dad worked out, me praying that the kid talked about here wouldn't be there and we would be able to swim with no one bugging us.
When we walked in I noted a child that looked familiar and realized it was the brother of a boy who Casey had formed a friendship with at his old school. I suddenly became aware of his parents and finally the boy himself all hanging out in the pool.
I have to confess, I'm a bitch. I had issues with the mom of this kid somewhat, our personalities collided a bit, and I'll admit it, I let Casey's friendship with this boy fizzle because I was selfish. I didn't want to have to deal with her, and so I chose to forgo Casey having a friend so I didn't have to feign pleasantries. Yes, in this case I suck.
I struck up a conversation with the boy's parents and Casey found his old friend almost right away. It was actually very nice to talk to them, and with their son being a year younger than Casey, the conversation revolved around the school Casey is at now, which is where their son will be attending next year. All the while, we scanned the pool, they for their little one, Autistic, and the boy who was Casey's friend, also Autistic, and me looking for Casey, mainly to make sure his trunks weren't falling down or that he wasn't splashing someone inadvertently.
Suddenly we noticed that Casey and M.(I will call the friend this because I'm not real sure if his mom would care if I used his real name or not.) were off in the corner of the pool really, well, hanging out together! M. is quite a busy guy, being afraid of nothing, and was sorta jumping in with daredevil preciseness backwards, sideways, anyways, all the while Casey giggling and egging him on. Then Casey decided to jump in too, something he hasn't done in a long while. Later they were wrestling like two little typical guys, acting the fool and splashing anyone in their way. They were having a great time.
The interaction was sorta new, having been more of a parallel play back in the early days, and it was exciting and fun to watch. I was thrilled.
Miraculously, Casey even almost went down the water slide with M., but chickened out at the last minute, but he followed him up the stairs, and then realized that he is scared to death of the slide and made his way down. Perhaps their next meeting? Who knows?
M. is about Casey's "level" developmentally, not quite as talkative, but a really good boy. They even look at little alike. His birthday parties had been one of the few that Casey had ever been invited to, he was one of the few kids Casey ever talked about. I had ruined all this for him because I was a wench. I guess I was given a second chance last night, and watching their interaction made me realize that my comfort level with his mom was so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I was grateful I was given a chance to let him have his friend again......
And so today, I had planned on taking Casey to a local concert, and picked up the phone and invited M.. His mom was elated as she had a lot to do and was worried that M. would be bored. Casey and M. had a great time singing Veggie tale tunes together in the car, dancing at the concert, playing in the play land at McDonald's. I basked in the glory of watching our boy be interested in another kid, and that kid in him. M. is coming over Thursday for a play date.
A little bit of normalcy can go such a long way.