Friday, February 6, 2009

The Week in Review

Well let's see, each day this week had some sort of marked event but I have to confess I truly try to put them out of my mind. Some that stand out were my meeting with the teachers Monday morning, Casey getting written up for scratching a parapro, and oh, the in school suspension on Wednesday for hitting a kid on the arm. No big deal right?

The meeting Monday was a bit of a cluster fuck. Excuse my language but it's my blog! And it was a cluster fuck. It went on for over an hour and a half with 2 teachers, a parapro for part of the time, and the administrator for special ed. Keep in mind, this was all prior to Casey's juvenile delinquent like behavior the rest of the week (oh, wait the scratching incident was happening while the meeting was in progress..ha ha...sorry). Long story short, after discussing the issues, we decided that for a couple of weeks they would give him the option of choosing what classroom he wanted to go into, his old or new one, and at what points he did it. This way, they believe they can feel out where and when he's most comfortable and if he chooses one over the other, then that is where he might have to you see why I called it a "cluster fuck" now? I just sat and listened and nodded and watched as the two teachers involved feverishly looked over their colliding schedules and went back and forth and did a lot of "what ifs" and "that's not going to work for me at". Whatever. I am looking at it this way. Neither class is perfect for him, so if he gets to choose where he is, and he's getting his work done, and is happy and not getting written up every five minutes, than so be it. And it's only for a couple of weeks. So that's that.

So, the scratching incident. I guess he was getting his computer time reward (geeze) and when he was told to get off (and boy howdy, there was a frickin novel explaining their steps of doing this-way to cover your asses ladies!) he didn't, got warned again, and when the parapro finally tried to grab the mouse, he scratched her! Broke the skin too! I gotta cut his nails....but I digress. Seriously, it was bad, but boy, I tell ya, I get this kid off the computer all the time and never get scratched. I know he was wrong for the most part, but I just have to ask what were they doing wrong? There was something, a step, not being taken to set him up for success.

Keeping in the physical brutality vein, his smacking the kid's arm was yet another situation where I have to say, what was done wrong? Apparently his "peers" in his new class have taken it upon themselves, as I learned in the cluster fuck meeting, to do a little discipline of their own, friendly discipline mind you, with a wink and a nudge apparently, as was reported by the new teacher. She seemed to think this was a good thing but finally admitted that the kids do "shush" him a lot with their little innocent fingers pushed to the lips. So, a kid did this to him, and I guess he slapped him on the arm! First off, when I was in school, no one disciplined me but the teacher, and had another kid told me to "shush" I think I would have been mortified (my much ballsier sister Sue would have slugged them too, and she is not Autistic, we think, hee hee). I don't know that having fellow students being allowed to offer friendly discipline is a great idea, especially for their own safety. He got reprimanded for the slap at school, and that was that.

He finally told me the night of the slapping incident, out of the blue, "I don't want anymore office referrals!". I guess that's what they call their stupid punishment system. I lectured him a little, feeling secretly proud that perhaps all this was having some impact.

I go back to my view on the whole thing, they aren't setting him up for success. I tried to offer suggestions. And yet, they continue. I have to wonder, who really is the one in need of some disciplinary action? Don't get me wrong, I know he's not an angel, but I know his potential. I know, in the immortal words of his preschool teacher, "he can rise to any occasion". They're just not helping him do that!

On the bright side, he got a haircut the other night and he was awesome and now at leastlooks like an angel!
Does this look like the face of a juvenile delinquent? I ask ya, does it?