Friday, January 23, 2009


As reported here, point sheets and intense smelling of others has been cause for much ado in Casey's new classroom. Yesterday, this was no less of an issue. Ugh... I looked at his point sheet promptly after he got home to find 2 forms stapled to them. Long story long, it was reported that he "kissed" a boy that he considers a good friend out on the playground. This boy is a friend he knows from regular ed and I have always been happy that the kid gives him the time of day.

I honestly can't imagine the whole scenario as it was explained but I think at recess Case leaned over, and did his overtly close sniff thing to this boy, the boy freaked thinking Casey was kissing him, others saw, a parapro saw and hell ensued! Egads.....So I guess they took him to the office and had a time out. There it is.

It was a bit sad when I questioned him about the whole incident, unphased by his actions but oh so phased by the schools reaction! I think he was told he was in trouble for trying to kiss his friend so much, that he couldn't even relay to me that he was sniffing him. He doesn't just kiss people, HE SMELLS THEM!

He didn't seem overly upset about the whole thing. I am hoping he got something out of the whole broo ha ha, clearly he didn't from his last incident.

I don't mean to sound so easy going about the whole thing, but I have found if I freak over everything that happens at school, I would be freakin' a lot, and I do that enough at home, work, etc. I figure as long as he isn't being physcially tortured, mentally bruised, and no tears have fallen, let them handle it! Yeah, I suck.....