Monday, January 19, 2009

Wiis, Miis, and Creativity!

We got a Wii over the weekend, finally. We had promised Casey one for Christmas and then, stupidly, tried to find one a week before Christmas, and of course, no one had one. He's been bugging us ever since. I finally tracked one down at Toys R' Us Friday night and literally raced to get it.

Case was excited, but Bill and I ended up playing with it more that night than him. He really wanted his game Big Brain Academy that his Aunt Sue had got him to play in Indy. She promised she would send it, but it hasn't arrived yet.

Saturday, he seemed to have very little interest in the Wii despite our repeated attempts at getting him to play, and ultimately, playing eachother while Casey sought out other activity (not activities, activity, computer). Since we got it the night before, all he showed interest in doing was creating Miis, your little namesake person that you use to play the games.

So in the interest of getting him off the computer, and getting him interested in his new gift sans the game he wants to play most, I told him to create some more Miis for the little area where the Mii gather. It looked a bit lonely with just Bill, Casey and Me. He actually thought this was a cool idea and proceeded to do so.

Today, he hopped on and started in his Mii creations again. I looked at the ones he had made, aimlessly wondering around the Mii mall or whatever they call it. Most of them looked acutely similar to his orginal one, except with longer hair, or shorter or taller. Suddenly, I saw an African American female Mii strolling by. I asked Case who that Mii was, so he grabbed her with his virtual Mii grabber and the name "Reba" popped up over her head. "Reba?" I asked? "Reba the mail lady on Pee Wee's Playhouse!" he replied matter of factly. I couldn't help but crack up, not only does he like creating Miis, but he had to create ones from shows he likes! What a clever little boy. We shared a laugh together as he put Reba back down with her Mii friends.