Friday, January 16, 2009

A Silly Thought that Lead to My Evilness....

I sat in awe yesterday as I watched the news coverage of the plane that landed in the Hudson River yesterday! To tell the truth, I think I was more in awe of the fact that something like this ended so well more than the pilot's skill, how it landed, etc.. It's seems in this day and age, the news is always, well, bad. Just bad, bad news. The war in the Gaza Strip, the finding of the remains of that poor little girl in Florida whose weird mother might have killed her, the horrible cold snap that is really debilitating large parts of the country. The list goes on. But there I was, watching a "Special Report" the even interrupted the great Oprah, reporting the fabulous news that 155 people had lived through landing in a freezing cold body of water and lived to tell the story! Awesomeness!

So, at this point, the silly thought I mentioned in the title suddenly invaded my mind. I had just been to a presentation on Brain Gym the night before, which is based on a lot on good energy, and how if you present good energy to a child or those around you, it will come back to you. Well, (and let me preface my statements right now by saying, if you hate Obama, or you're gonna hate me for being positive about him, or just hearing about him in a positive light in general, x out now), perhaps the excited energy coming from the population due to Obama's upcoming inauguration sorta flowed to that plane, to that situation, and thus, the safe landing.

Yes, I know that's silly, that's why I said a" silly thought", Silly! But it would be nice to think that if we could all produce that much positive energy, horrible things, like plane crashes, could be diverted. Murderers would feel the wave of what I picture as rainbows emulating from our bodies and think "Bad idea!", our enegry waves would combine and push the cold out, our energy waves would make companies let go of one over paid white collar nerd to allow 3 blue collar hard working folk to hang on to their jobs. Ah, one has to wonder what the power of positive energy could do if millions had it.

I brought up the whole Obama thing because that's something I can personally say is causing me to emit a lot of positive energy, it's very exciting. It makes me feel like I feel when I put a fresh coat of paint on the wall and everything is fresh and new and the old is covered and forgotten. And thus, this Obama Energy is what lead to my evilness alluded to in my title!

A great friend of mine who happens to be a staunch Republican and I were discussing the crash on the phone this morning, and I started in on my whole Obama Energy theory. I knew it wouldn't go over well as I said it, but I said it anyway just to, just to well, first express my thoughts, but also, to piss her off! Is that mean? It was just fun mean, just to get a rise out her. It did. We're still friends though! I guess that positive energy doesn't get soaked up as easy as I hoped!