Saturday, October 17, 2009

Work Outs and Togetherness

For the last several months, my dear hubby Bill has been taking Casey to work out at our local rec center. As you know, we've had concerns about Casey's weight, so it's only fitting that he does this.

They have quite a routine worked out, consisting of several walking laps around the indoor track, 22 minutes (to be exact) on the Eliptical machine (by far, Casey's least favorite part of the work out), and 4 running (jogging) laps to finish thing off. It's quite a regimen!

At the beginning, I always let them go alone, allowing me some alone time which is always welcomed, but better yet, some bonding time for them. I fear sometimes that they are so similar in so many ways seen and unseen, that they tend to clash occasionally, so it's always good for them to be together without me prodding in. But after my crazy thought of accompanying them on an occasion, it's almost always expected. Bill likes for me to go just for the "company" aspect since Casey isn't very chatty, and Casey likes for me to go because I think he believes I'll get him out of activities he doesn't like, but I don't. So, my alone time, has been cut....

Today we went, despite a rough morning for me after having several glasses of wine last night with friends. It was a good idea at the time. The rec center wasn't very crowded and we pretty much had the track to ourselves.

Bill and I conversed while following Casey, whose pace tends to speed up as we go. He was chatting away to the wind about a new video coming out, "A Daddy Christmas" on Oct. 24th, starring his Daddy and Casey.

We quietly joked about some of our fellow worker outers on the machines below the track, reminised about the gathering last night where I drank too much wine and how nice it was to see our friends who we hadn't seen for a while.

Bill and Casey did their running laps while I read a magazine on the stationary bike, and then together we did the eliptical, counting down the minutes till we were done.

Casey always chooses the elevator to get down to the first floor of the facility to leave, rather than the grand staircase we use at first to get up to the second floor, enough working out for sure! He doesn't grab my arm anymore like he used to on elevators, but rather, stands like he's been riding them for years without a problem.

Casey informs me that he and I both get 116 "smiley faces" for our efforts today, and Daddy only gets 1. We're not sure why but have a laugh about it. And back home we go for lunch and some luxuriating in the freedom of Saturday.

I'm starting to think not having that alone time isn't so bad.....


Anonymous said...

love this them all but this one is...well , you know.

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Marla said...

Hi! I am so glad to find Casey doing well. I am considering joining a gym with M soon. We are going for a trial period soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Wine with friends sounds great. You just gotta do that sometimes.