Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously, is this all there is to it?

I was tired when shower time started at around 10pm last night (yeah, I still help him, I'm an enabler, whatever). I was tired, he didn't want to leave the TV to take a shower. Bad combo.

And this conversation ensued after helping him pull off his duds and stepping into the shower....

Casey: singing "Oh yeah, thats the one, my asshole!"

Me: silence

Casey: singing again "Oh yeah, that's the one, my asshole!"

Me: still silence, helping him wash.

Casey: staring me right in the eyes "I don't get computer tomorrow?"

Me: silently looking at him

Casey: "I don't get computer tomorrow because I said a bad word!?"

Me: a silent shrug, still making sure everything was touched by soap and water.

Casey: "Say something Mommy, say some words!"he said nervously.

Me: "What do you want me to say?"

After that, total silence from him, and total cooperation.

Seriously, is that all there is to it? All I have to do is not respond to diarreha of the mouth and it will stop? Really?.... Wish I would have known this for the last several months, especially when I thought my throat was going raw from repeating the same admonishments every time he cussed.

Geeze..... More to follow.


mama edge said...

Reading this made me laugh my ass off! (Oops, no computer for me tomorrow.)

Will be eager to see if this strategy continues to work for you.

Marla said...

Oh my. I was cracking up reading this. M is similar. I just say, "You might hear these bad words in this movie or someone might say bad words but you don't repeat them." She never does. She may tell me, "mom. That was a bad word." but that's it. Cracks me up.

Miz Kizzle said...

Actually, I think his song is funny. It sounds sort of exuberant, like he's celebrating his anus. Yes, it's wrong for kids to curse, but it's still funny.

Osh said...

*stifles a giggle*