Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't Need to Get this Guy His Own Cell!

Sure, he looks friendly enough, but I made an amazing discovery about my little boy last night that really should have been apparent all along but never really occured to me until the situation arose!

Here it is: Casey does not know how to talk on the phone to a peer and also has no desire to do so, despite the particular peer being someone he really likes!

So there it is. I don't know why I was surprised by this....

A little background and I am not going to stream through my blog to see if I had ever blogged about this 'cause you probably wouldn't remember reading it anyway, but in 4th grade Casey made a friend. His name was Jason, and they really bonded. Jason was in regular ed, but they hung out on the playground together from all accounts. He caught Casey's fancy by indulging him in commercial talk, and particularly, Geico Insurance commerical talk which was of hight interest to Case at the time.

This boy was like a ghost to me, I never met him, I couldn't find his name in the student directory. He, aluded me. Then the last day of school, while talking to another mom, I noted Casey standing and talking to this dude, and Casey literally followed the kids mom's car (not after I caught him of course) out of the parking lot. I saw the back of the kids head and that was it! So weird.

Jason goes to the same school now as Case, but it's large with many 5th and 6th grade classrooms. Casey still spoke of Jason, and I heard about him being on the playground once again with him last year. This year, not so much Jason talk although every once in awhile a commercial for the Jason G. doll is spewed out by Casey. Don't ask me where to get one, I can't find one myself!

I check my phone for messages last night after being in a store, and lo and behold, there is one. When I take a listen, it's a little boys voice asking if he could talk to Casey and how he wants to ask him about 4th grade for his homework, and maybe they could talk about Geico a little. It was Jason!!!!! Cute message, very exciting, no number was left to return his call, and no number was in my phone that he called from! Again, so weird.

I told Casey he called and let him hear his message. Casey let out one of his patronizing "Yays" that he does when he knows I'm excited and that he should be but isn't really.

Jason finally called back and wanted to ask Casey a question about what they used to talk about on the playground because he was doing a report on Casey! How sweet is that?

By this time, Casey was shoveling KFC chicken strips in his mouth and watching a Youtube video (I am such a good mom) and had absolutely no interest in speaking to Jason, so I asked him to call back in a little while.

He did. Again Casey showed no interest in speaking with him. I forced him to answer his questions a little but when it seemed some expletives were beginning to ooze from this frustrated boy, I quickly ended the conversation.

I was bummed. Casey doesn't have anyone call him, let alone someone he really likes friendwise. I was surprised at his lack of interest and irritation at talking. My sister, the OT, the treasure trove of knowledge, sweetly reminded me, as I recalled the evening to her, of his lack of social reciprocity, social awareness, blah blah blah and stuff and how not unusual it was that he wouldn't want to talk on the phone, let alone in person. I know all that, I just thought, maybe......

One good thing that came out of it, Jason's number did show up that last call, and I got it, and, and.... I don't know what I'm doing with it, but, I got it!


mama edge said...

Oy. I too can't understand why my son Rocky isn't doing somersaults when a peer calls. He likes talking to me and to his dad on the phone, and sometimes Grandma, but otherwise he seems to find it irritating. If you figure it out, please explain it to me.

Kristina said...

Do you think it'd be all right for Casey to call Jason back? Maybe you could call Jason in advance and explain why Casey might not want to talk when a call comes and it's unexpected?--It's so wonderful to hear about Jason, and maybe there's a way (with you intervening a bit.....) to keep the friendship ongoing? (I'm just throwing out suggestions here, never had anyone call for Charlie and he usually does not want to talk on the phone as it is).

Marla said...

I have this problem as well with M. She is getting better at talking to her Dad on the phone which is good. But, if she does not want to talk on the phone she will not do it no matter what. I actually used bribery for quite some time to help her talk and that worked. Little trinkets for a few minutes of conversation. Hugs. I know how situations with friends can be hard.