Monday, September 14, 2009

Man Boobs Won't Stop Us!

Well, in our case, boy boobs! Yes, Casey is currently dealing with a phenomenon some pubescent boys experience, boy boobs. It's odd, my little boy, who was always skinny, skinny, skinny, has in the last year and half developed quite a belly, and well, boy boobs. We're all a little concerned, but I've read up online of course, the ultimate source of knowledge, and found that it is quite typical among preteen boys.

I also came upon some info on tea tree oil and lavendar oil and it's use in various products and how those can also cause this breast growth in young boys. I've been using such items regularly since November on Casey, but I found photos of him from last summer, and the boobs were there then, just less severe, so that theory sorta went up in smoke!

So, now, while waiting to see if this irradication of all things tea tree oil and lavenderish will qualm the boobage, we still have to endure the stares and glares from those at the pool who are just too ignorant not to stare and glare. It's not enough that this awkwardly tall boy who starts stimming the minute he steps into the pool area can't help his stims, but add on those 34 B's, and well, he's quite a sight!

I know what people are thinking... "How did she let that happen to that boy?" and "She should reallly cover him up!" etc. I don't know how it happened, I still contend it's puberty and the accordion theory will go into effect soon and he'll grow 5 inches and everything will stretch. I truly didn't plan on my kid having boobs, it's not my fault! Wahhhhhh!

We were going around the lazy river and two little kids literally swam in front of us to get a better look at him and the one said to the other "He's got BOOBS!".... Being the mother Tiger that I am, I quickly rushed to his defense, he being oblivious.

"What did you say?" I growled.

"She said it!" the one kid said.

"He can't help it!" I snapped "and you're rude!".

The kids paddled against the tide of the lazy river as fast as they could, and I'm pretty sure they were, well, frightened of me, and I really couldn't care less, little shits. I was hoping they would go "tell on me" to their mommy and she would come over to "talk" but no one ever showed up. Perhaps I scared them a little too much. Perhaps they knew they did something wrong, and didn't want to tell their mom. Perhaps.

Anyhoot, acting as a human shield and urging Casey to swim so his bod was mostly underwater the rest of our outing, I thought to myself "Well, this is great, his stimming is bad enough, but now, should I even put him through being scrutinized about his boy boobs? Should we not come swim anymore until they disappear? That could be years! Should I buy him a a man bra of some sort? What to do?".

I finally did an internal calm down and came to my senses and decided SCREW IT! Boy boobs are not going to stop us from coming and doing something that Casey loves to do. Boy boobs will not run our lives! Boy boobs are no match for our seeking out fun activities and getting excercise (to get rid of the boy boobs)! Nope, these boy boobs won't bring us down! Let 'em stare, let 'em whisper, let 'em speculate, let'em, who cares?

Having said that, anyone who might come up and say something to us point blank will feel the pain of my mother tiger teeth!!!!

Perhaps a t-shirt for Casey may not be a bad idea.......

Editor's note: non of the images used in this blog entry are of Casey ..... but that guy with the "mansierre" is awful sexy!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Does Anyone Else Find This Offensive?

I was listening to an interview yesterday on National Public Radio's "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross. She was speaking with the creator of a new show on TV called "Glee". I guess it's about a teacher who is trying to help out a rag tag group of students who want to start a show choir. It's a comedy. They played a short soundbite from the show, and it hit me hard. I found the transcript of the interview and particularly the soundbite transcript. It's a discussion between the teacher trying to form the show choir and apparently his arch nemesis.
(Soundbite of television program, "Glee")

Ms. JANE LYNCH (Actor): (As Sue Sylvester) So I had a little chat with Principal Figgins, and he said that if your group doesn't place at regional, he's cutting the program. Ouch.

Mr. MATTHEW MORRISON (Actor): (As Will Schuester): You know, you don't have to worry about glee club. We're going to be fine.

Ms. LYNCH: (As Sylvester) Really? Because I was at the local library, where I read Cheerleading Today aloud to blind geriatrics, and I came across this little page-turner: "Show Choir Rule Book." And it turns out you need 12 kids to qualify for regionals. Last time I looked, you only had five and a half. Here - cripple in a wheelchair. I also took the liberty of highlighting some special ed. classes for you. Maybe you could find some recruits because I'm not sure there's anybody else who's going to want to swim over to your island of misfit toys.

Mr. MORRISON: (As Schuester) Are you threatening me, Sue?

Ms. LYNCH: (As Sylvester) Threatening you? Oh no, no, no, presenting you with an opportunity to comprise yourself? You betcha.

Oddly, I just had the part about the special ed classes on my brain but wow, that's overly offensive on so many levels now that I read it instead of hear it.

Hey, I have a great sense of humor, and I laugh at a lot of offensive stuff. Clearly they are trying to portray this character as an insensitive bitch, but they are also trying to be funny. I don't think this is funny. I don't think the fact that I personally have to have our son in a grouping of "Special Ed." funny in the first place, or that he has to be segregated by it or that the buses for the "Special Ed." are always short and are the brunt of many jokes. Don't people in "Special Ed. classes" have enough to contend without being put down on television where millions more can laugh and get humor out of their situation?

Am I overreacting to this? I hope to hear from a lot of you on this one. In all fairness, here is the whole transcript to be fair, but reading the rest doesn't really change my feelings.... And if you feel the same way I do, what can we do about this?

Friday, September 11, 2009

The First Week of School, in His Teacher's Words and Mine

I recieved an email from Casey's lovely teacher this morning concerning his week, so I thought instead of going into extreme and no doubt boring detail from my perspective, I would just allow her email to tell the tale of his first week back. Not one for sitting back and saying nothing, I shall add in my remarks where I feel they are appropriate/add to her thoughts. So remember, the italicized words are me, Bonnie, who writes this blog, the regular words, Casey's teacher....

Hi Bonnie,

I must apologize for not getting back to you sooner...I am so sorry. I
have been swamped - 11 hour days at school and I am remodeling my kitchen
at home, plus putting up a fence in my boyfriend's yard, so my life has
been a bit too busy.

No problem at all Teach, I feel lucky to hear anything let alone a multi paragraph email from you when so many other parents have told me they receive nothing! So you have a boyfriend? Merowwwwr!

Let me just say that Casey has been having awesome days, and is doing
fantastic. He is getting his work done, is excited to be at school, and
talks about being happy. Can you send in some bite size butterfingers
again? He still asks for them and likes to work for one when things are a
bit rough for him. On Tuesday he had trouble turning off the commercials,
and yesterday he wanted the headphones, but was able to pull it all
together both days.

"Awesome" and "Fantastic" in one sentence!? This is where I stop reading right!!? I love that he is excited about school, I hope that he stays excited. I should have remembered to send in the Butterfinger incentives the first day, but I'm glad she reminded me! I'm not surprised he couldn't turn off the commercials since he DVRs them! Pulled it all together? Now that is awesome and fantastic!

I know things were a little bumpy for him in the morning yesterday coming
in (he stomped some of the flowers in the courtyard on the way in from the
bus), and said he didn't want to come in to school. Just an FYI - his bus
has been arriving late in the morning and in the afternoon as well. It's
getting better, but it has been late.

Well, flowers are overrated and I wouldn't want to come to school after a 20 minute bus ride either when I only live 5 minutes from school! I've been struggling with this whole bus thing because timewise, it would just make more sense for me to take him since we really are barely 5 minutes away. BUT, he wanted to ride the bus, and I thought it would get him into a routine better. We'll see how it goes....

We have the same students this year plus one more - his name is Marvin, so
you may hear Casey talk about him. Mrs. Moxham is the other teacher this
year and we have been doing things with her room as well, so if you hear
him mention her, that is why. Mrs. Walsh is also in that room, as well as
some of Casey's friends from Coolidge, so he is surrounded by familiar,
friendly faces.

She's eluding to all the people who were invovled with him in 4th grade, who he loved. So how nice is it to think he is in with a teacher he loves and has the one he loved in 4th grade so close by along with old friends from that class? I can't ask for much more right now!

We will be asking for money for CBI trips again, but we are not sure how
much we will need this year, so we will let you know. I am so excited to
have Casey back, and think this will be a wonderful year in many ways.
Casey asked me about my trip to Europe which was so nice. He will be
joining Mr. Ziegler's room this year for World Language which will begin
next week.

"CBIs" are "Community Based Instruction" where they go out into everyday situations IE grocery stores, fast food restaurants, etc. and learn how to do things. I love them, not only do they get instruction, but if it's nice they walk and get out of school. It's a long day. I hope it will be a wonderful year too, I love her attitude! I love that he asked her about her trip. He asked me several times over the summer about her being in Germany (I think he was thinking he would get a souvenier!! The World Language Class is with regular ed I believe and it should be awesome since he is really into Spanish and other languages.

I need to run so I can get ready for work. I hope all is well with all of
you at home. Talk to you soon,


She wrote this at 5:12 am. She is awesome. We're very lucky, she totally understands him and I pray that this letter is a precursor to a great year and that I won't be using parts of it to write a nasty blog about her at some point! First week down, 49 to go!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Long Will This Go On? Suggestions and Comments PLEASE!



Monday, September 7, 2009

That Time of Year Again....

Yes, it's back to school time again! Yay! Yippee! Hoorah!...... Yay......

If I sound less than enthusiastic, it's because every year at this time, my guilts hit me like a brick wall when I realize time has run out, and I have to wonder what the hell I've been doing all this time he was free, and now he won't be... OH, I was working! Yeah, it sorta stinks that I had to put so much energy into figuring out who got to spend time with my child on his summer break, but such is life.

Now, he's gonna be at school all day, I'm gonna be workin' all day, and, well whatever. I'll quit complaining. I just think about all the things that could have been...zoo, Cedar Point, trips to the local lake/beach, trips to the museum that I planned but never took him to. Oh well, maybe next summer.

On an upbeat note, he seems very excited about going back, and keeps repeating his commercial pertaining to the subject. ""Blank" Elementary School is back, and bigger and better than ever! Coming September 8th!".

It's also so nice to think he's going to be with his teacher from last year. I know some say that kids should switch up teachers every year, but familiarity is good for Casey in every way. He loves her and trusts her and she really pulled a lot out of him last year. I think she's going to be pleasantly surprised to see how much more talkative and conversational he is this year. Hopefully, the gross stuff from my previous post won't rear it's ugly head in the classroom, but, she can handle that too. She probably won't believe how huge he's gotten over the summer either. I'm guessing at least 2 inches have been added to his already above average frame, as well as a few more pounds!

He's taking the bus, this year to school so can get into a better routine in the morn, and it gives me something to remind him to get ready for in the morning. We drove by school today and I showed him the route the bus would take to get him there. I showed him the door again where he went into last year. We've always done this little routine over the years, it seems to help.

And so, with his new cool red and black backpack (I picked it out, so I hope it's cool, 'cause he could care less), a snappy new outfit, and a good attitude, his first day of school should be great, especially since it's a half day, which I don't get. You know there will be pictures posted of course!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Did My Kid get So GROSS?

Again, when did my kid get so gross? All these new things are starting to happen and I want to know why all the sudden like? Oh wait, puberty? He's not even 11 years old.... But I did discover just recently underarm hair as previously mentioned which disturbed me to no end so it could be.

I mean, when did it become okay to shout "I let out a fart!" on our bike ride while a woman is walking by, right in earshot. When did it become fun to lay in bed without one's pants on doing who knows what under the blankies? How is it suddenly fascinating and necessary to touch various parts of one's body and smell your finger afterwards, discreetly you think, but it's not. Why does one become deaf when picking one's nose out in public, total oblivious, or so I think, to my reprimands? Why would one feel it's okay to kinda push one's self against someone inappropriately during an innocent hug?

I know, I know, he has Autism, he's getting hormonal, expect it. I also know that these are things "Neuro-typical" boys do or want to do too, I think, but just have a conscience or a little voice in their head or something that tells them to not! Or at least, be discreet, please.

Where can I buy that voice? Can I inject a conscience into his brain? Anyone got a good sexuality book to suggest? Is it too late for a cocktail? It's 8:46pm, I think it's the perfect time for a cocktail!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here, Allow me to Set You Up for Failure......

As the parent of a child with Autism, one should always be prepared for any predictable event that comes your way, especially ones that you plan, especially ones that have been historically, horrific...and especially events which cause your child extreme sensory discomfort. Yes, one should always be prepared....

So, allow me if you will, to beat myself up, and in turn, I will allow you to beat me up in a likewise fashion! How many people do that? Usually folks write blogs to receive helpful and supportive comments from the readers but not today my friends! Oh no, please, not one supportive comment please, just rail on me, agree with me, let me have it.

I will now get down to the reasons you will all give me grief (and I want it, I really want it). I will do it in bullet point fashion as a story would be as montonous and long winded as this opening....

-I announce to Casey, at lunch, right before I plan to take him that he is getting his hair cut today.
-this is bad.
-this is bad because he:
a) hates haircuts
b) does much better if I can talk to him about things that he doesn't like to do but has to do for a few days ahead, maybe include a social story.
-As we're driving to the cheap hair cut joint, he tells me quite clearly "I'm very nervous about this haircut!" while breathing heavily and holding his tummy.
-I react not at all to this and say "Oh come on, you've done great the last couple of times we went to this one!"
-this is total disregard for his feelings, total...on top of the fact that he just found out it was happening!
-We walk in, and it's crowded, and it's hot and the chairs of full of potential starers, that's all I can think about are the stares we will recieve, not about how he's feeling. YOU SUCK!
-The girl that always has done well with him waves us in, telling us everyone there is waiting for someone getting their haircut. It won't be long....good, this girl leads us to believe she will be cutting his hair.
-He sits and looks at magazines, saying commercials about the ads loudly, I threaten him with the loss of a trip to Salvation Army, which begins a long line of threats.
-He looks nervous and he's sitting and I should have gotten him up and outside walking until it was time, walking is good, it's calming, not sitting amongst 5 people who have nothing to do but stare (and not one of them were reading or feigning interest in something else. THEY SUCK! I SUCK!)
-He passes gas loudly, probably nervous stomach since his mom threw him into this situation. I'm hoping they think it's a leather chair fart...why do I care what they think? More threats. Can a 10 year old boy hold in gas? Threats!
-When our turn comes up, the girl we like says she'll sign us in, but she's leaving and that ANN will do his cut. Ann looks nervous already and I should have said no then, I should have just picked up on her Aura if you will of stress and nerves, 'cause it was comin' his way. It was comin' his way like a match to a briquet heavily doused in lighter fluid.
-I didn't say no, we had waited and he needed a cut....
-He sat, he fussed, he squirmed, he called out he wished he was a girl (makes sense, girls don't necessarily have to have tickly over stimulating clippers used on their sensitive neck, 'course neither do boys really).
-My tension level rose with theirs and I began more threats, as I tried to hold his head where she needed it to be, getting more and more irritated with him..... if I had only done things differently......
-Ann worked efficiently, too efficiently, but faster the better I suppose.... he calls out "You're ga...." I was able to cut off the "y" at the end of "gay"....Ann was non the wiser.
-I've never seen someone so relieved although not visibly glad to have finished a haircut in their lives, and I'm talking ANN!
-Casey stands up, looking gorgeous, hair covered, flustered, and red cheeked. "Sorry" he says on his own to ANN. My heart breaks....

No Casey, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I set you up for failure despite 10 years of knowing better.... I can't promise, but I will try never to let it happen again.