Friday, May 8, 2009

Ringworm Around the Rosey

Yeah, that's a picture of Casey's hand. Can you see those little spots? Really? Barely? Yeah, us too! But he has Ringworm and can't go to school!

He's had these spots for a couple of weeks, me applying creams and lotions not sure, maybe wondering about Ringworm, but just trying on my own to extiguish it. He never complained about it, scratched it. It never bled, or oozed.

It's on his right hand, his writing hand, the hand he uses ALL THE TIME. There have been no other cases at school, it hasn't spread, no pandemic as it were.

So, yesterday, his teacher, who I love, calls me from the bus on their way a field trip and starts asking me about the "lesions"....Lesions, geez.......Had I noticed them? Of course, mother's notice everything. Did I consider Ringworm? No, I fibbed, not wanting to look bad. Well, she was certain it was, she had seen many cases. Would he wear a bandage to cover it? No, I answered, I have never been able to get the child to wear one. A glove she had wondered? Sure, if you can find one!

By the end of the day, she called to confirm that 3 other "experts" in Ringworm diagnosis had confirmed her suspicions and he would need to go to the doctor to get the final call. If he had it, he would not be able to come to school tomorrow and not until the "lesions" cleared. Are you kidding me?

We went to the doctor, who literally asked after he did in fact diagnose it as Ringworm, "is that all you came for?". "Yes" I answered in a sarcastic way. He wrote a prescription and we were on our way.

I know, I wouldn't want my child around a kid with Ringworm, if it looked like this:


So, we're off to breakfast with Miss Eileen, and then the day is our's. It's beautiful out too....yes, it is a "lesion".


mommy~dearest said...

We're just at the tail end of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. How gross does that sound?

OMG- kids are disgusting. ;)

claire p said...

Jamie had Hand foot and mouth a couple of years ago, not that you'd have know.

We got that same call last week about ringworm. They ahve it at school and they had noticed a small round red patch on his thigh. It's ezema, he'd had it for days and was clearing up. I love his teachers very much, but that do panic a bit.

I hope Casey's clears up soon xxxx

spectrumbeach said...

You are a better mother than me. If the teacher called me and asked me about lesions and was referring to those, I would probably not have noticed them. You are right, they seem a tad over-reacty :)

Bobbi said...

Enjoy your day. i feel for you, i had to pick parker up today for puking.

FXSmom said...

school nurses are terribly over-reacty right now with swine flu floating around. It's ridiculous. My son had a temp of 99.4 and he got sent home. He didn't even feel sick. He went in for a bandaid!!

Casdok said...

Well hopefull the 'lesions' wont take long to heal!

Meaghan Smith said...

It looks like my daughters breakout associated with exzema.