Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pinching? Cupping? What?

I got this email today from Casey's teacher, and instead of being mortified, I guffawed out loud. Yes, "bad mom" came out again!

Re: the note sent home yesterday about Casey pinching the gym teacher's butt..I checked with her and she said it was more like cupping her butt cheek. She was walking next to him trying to get him to run when he did it. He did go down to gym a little agitated as he wanted to stay in my room for the Earth Day Walk, so I think he was on edge to begin with and she then pushed him a little farther down the road. She took it with good humor, really was inappropriate, especially when the other students see it. I am wondering if he could have gotten it from anything he watches at home - he said today that he was no longer allowed to watch Pee Wee Herman...

I have a few questions. Did he "cup" or just "place" his hand on her ass? Honestly, do they think he is getting any sexual gratification out of this at this age? Having said that, he did ask me if I was wearing a "bra" the other day! Hhhhhhmmmmm.....

And, why didn't he get to go on the Earth Day Walk? It was Earth Day, walking the earth would have been a good replacement for gym I would think. I'd be agitated and touch the gym teachers butt too!

In response to the question I am wondering if he could have gotten it from anything he watches at home , I would have to say no, we don't watch that haughty reality hit "Whose Ass Can You Put Your Hand On?", unless he's been sneaking around watching it! Damn kid!

Oh, and he lied, he does still watch Pee Wee, but, I have never seen Pee Wee or anyone on the show put their hand on someone else's ass. What Pee Wee does out of the Playhouse is a differenet story all together and has no baring on Casey!

So, yeah, it was inappropriate, I agree. I told him so...but it's all still a bit funny. You gotta laugh to keep from cryin'.


Mama Mara said...

Holy friggin' cow! There must be something in the air, because Rocky asked me if I was wearing a bra recently, too. Eerie. (Rocky is a booty man, and I wrote a quasi-social story for him to keep him from acting on his fetish. Maybe Casey will like it.)

I guess I'm a bad mom too, 'cuz that note made me giggle like a school girl.

mommy~dearest said...

Crackin' up! Casey's first piece o' ass... that's one for the scrapbooks!

We had similar things happen too. I wish I could say it gets better, but I fear I have a 7 year old going on 15.

claire p said...

Bad mums unite coz I giggled to. Not the sort of thing to encourage I know, but hell, it happens. Boys will be boys!!!

Maddy said...

Hmm well that's autism for you of course! Tell you what I'll share if you promise not to tell?

Some while back in the classroom in the middle of a lesson [each class room has a loo within the classroom] nature called [loudly] and so, just as at home, every stitch was removed and left in a pile buy the chair and desk in response to the very loud call.

Hence I received a telephone call from the principal asking that I address this deviant behaviour as it had caused a great deal of distress, embarrassment and angst amongst the other six year olds in the class. [I told you it was a while back right?]

Anyway, I think it's safe to say that was the last time my daughter removed all her clothes in public [probably/hopefully]


~Mama Skates~ said...

we're currently trying to keep jaden from smackin' mine & his sisters' butts - but that's only cause he sees his daddy tap mine every time he walks by me! i admit, i love the attention from my hubby - but i'm afraid it's teaching jaden something socially unacceptable! ~lol~ at least so far, he's kept it in the family! ;0)

Osh said...

lol! Yeah, just wait until Casey starts telling you how hot he thinks his teacher is.