Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pinching? Cupping? What?

I got this email today from Casey's teacher, and instead of being mortified, I guffawed out loud. Yes, "bad mom" came out again!

Re: the note sent home yesterday about Casey pinching the gym teacher's butt..I checked with her and she said it was more like cupping her butt cheek. She was walking next to him trying to get him to run when he did it. He did go down to gym a little agitated as he wanted to stay in my room for the Earth Day Walk, so I think he was on edge to begin with and she then pushed him a little farther down the road. She took it with good humor, really was inappropriate, especially when the other students see it. I am wondering if he could have gotten it from anything he watches at home - he said today that he was no longer allowed to watch Pee Wee Herman...

I have a few questions. Did he "cup" or just "place" his hand on her ass? Honestly, do they think he is getting any sexual gratification out of this at this age? Having said that, he did ask me if I was wearing a "bra" the other day! Hhhhhhmmmmm.....

And, why didn't he get to go on the Earth Day Walk? It was Earth Day, walking the earth would have been a good replacement for gym I would think. I'd be agitated and touch the gym teachers butt too!

In response to the question I am wondering if he could have gotten it from anything he watches at home , I would have to say no, we don't watch that haughty reality hit "Whose Ass Can You Put Your Hand On?", unless he's been sneaking around watching it! Damn kid!

Oh, and he lied, he does still watch Pee Wee, but, I have never seen Pee Wee or anyone on the show put their hand on someone else's ass. What Pee Wee does out of the Playhouse is a differenet story all together and has no baring on Casey!

So, yeah, it was inappropriate, I agree. I told him so...but it's all still a bit funny. You gotta laugh to keep from cryin'.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Faux Hawks and Growing up

This, is Casey's new look. The Faux Hawk. Not a real Mohawk, but a Faux Hawk. For those of you not getting it, it's a Mohawk like style gelled and sprayed out of a regular haircut. There is no shaving involved, no permanency, although he has woken up with a Faux Hawk from the day before, a testament to the fine hair styling products we use I guess.

I usually help him get his bedhead under control each morning and one day, just for shits and giggles, made it into a Faux Hawk, totally expecting him to flatten it down immediately. But instead, he touched it delicately while admiring himself in the mirror, and walked away satisfied. The next day, I asked him if he wanted the same, and he did, and thus began the era of the Faux Hawk.

I'm not a trendy gal, so needless to say, I don't try to have a trendy child. But after going to his school for something or other and seeing the other boys with an array of hairstyles beyond the realm of what I could have ever seen when I was in grade school, I considered this trendy move on our part. Perhaps others will think he looks cool at least with the Faux Hawk. Or, is it possible to look cool while regaling yourself out loud with one of your favorite commercials, despite whatever hairdo you might have? Who knows?....

I even wrote his teacher a little note stating that I am not forcing the Faux Hawk upon him, but that he insists on it each morning. She in turn replied that everyone loves the new look and even a teacher he didn't associate with came in to tell him how trendy he looked! So, apparantly, the Faux Hawk is going over well all around.

I'm a bit fascinated with this whole new awareness of appearance, because he truly has never cared much before about his clothing or hair or anything like that. In fact, I'm very conscious of what he has on each day, just so he doesn't "look" like a nerd. But I love that he is thinking about his hair and how it looks. I love that he stands still and watches in the mirror the whole time I am creating the "do". It's normal for kids to want to look cool, and if he thinks that he looks cool with the Faux Hawk, then he has some normalcy going there, and that's really cool! Just a little sign that he's growing up I do believe.

Thank God for sensory issues, or else I fear ear piercing might come next!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Again, I have been extremely remiss in keeping up with my blog. It's been a busy time. Casey is in Indiana with his loving mothers...I mean Aunts. Spring Break came up before I knew it, and I finally decided to take him there the weekend before, and then come back, work Monday thru Wednesday and then go back and spend the rest of his Spring Break in Indy.

He's having a great time. At this very moment, I believe he is at some big indoor amusement park dealie driving racing cars with his Aunt Sue. He loves Indy. I know he thinks life there is awesome because he is only there short spans of time. During these time spans, everyone caters to him and we try to do stuff that's fun for him, he eats out a lot, and gets pretty much whatever he wants. I think he believes that's how things would be if he was there all the time. Not to mention he has a great love for the local Indy news station. Indy is a dream land for Casey.

While childless, I actually watched "Twilight" sans Bill in the room, too much of a chick movie I suppose. (Having said that, he was watching "Dancing with the Stars" in the other room. Hhhmmmm?.....) I really enjoyed it, the characters were good, my disturbing attraction to the mysterious Edward was troubling and exciting at the same time (especially since I'm pretty sure the actor who played him is like 15 years younger than me, but a lot of other "older" broads have agreed he is alluring),and the story was great. I didn't read the book, way too much trouble, but I think I might now.

I have cleaned, worked longer without worrying about getting Casey off the bus, read some magazines, and tonight, we are going out with our dear friends to celebrate a birthday. Margaritas will flow, and it will be fun.

I do however miss Casey immensely. Isn't odd how when your kids around, you're constantly thinking about what you could be doing if you didn't have to mess with them? And now, I have this time, and I'm missing him! My sister keeps sending pictures over the cell of him enjoying Dairy Queen, or at this amusement park deal and I am jealous that I'm not there watching him have fun! I guess I'm not as sucky a mom as I thought.

And most importantly, he's having fun, and getting loved. And even more importantly, we didn't have to get a babysitter and I can whoop it up tonight! Hee haw!!!!!!!!