Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is There a Therapist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, etc. in the House?

If you are a regular reader to my blog, you know that for the most part I try to stay pretty upbeat. I really don't want this to be a whining forum, because personally I find it boring. Most of my time spent with Casey and Bill is great, with it's normal family ups and downs, but nothing horrible, so I don't have much too complain or whine about.

Now having said this, I think I should use my blog more to get input from other Autie parents. A lot people seem to get a lot of good advice as I read through comments on other blogs! Free, great advice from people with world's of experience. So I think I will take advantage of the possibliity of getting a bit of free and useful advice today and share something about Casey that's been happening as of late.

First, I can't pinpoint an exact reason, or subject or time, that has to do with this, it's very random. "This" being these very strange times for Casey of total breakdowns with tears and true fear showing in this face and his not being able to quite get out what it causing the episode at hand. Case in point, last night.

He was laying in bed when he suddenly started crying and saying that he had pictures in this head and he couldn't get them out of his head. We began to gently interrigate him, but to no end, hearing everything about the "picture" as being the one his wall that I quickly took down, to pictures from the computer ("Did you see something scary on the computer?" we'd ask? "No" he'd reply, fearful of losing computer). He laid there and just cried, screeching out occasionally but we could never quite get out of him what he was upset about.

He made his way into our bedroom where we have a tv hooked to cable and decided that watching a DVR'd show about a local news channels 60th anniversary would get the pictures out of head! I laid with him and watched, and he did calm down, almost as if the diversion of the tv show helped, as he thought it would. He eventually feel asleep, and slept fitfuuly all night.

Sunday at Special Olympics swimming he cried and was flustered all during practice, siting that it wasn't 2009, but 2007. This old debate has been going on for quite sometime now and I may have even blogged about it at some point. He has a thing about 2007, and I don't remember it as a great year, but he must. Yet another mysterious thing that causes a breakdown.

I could go on and on with little examples of these sort of episodes. He's 10 now, and about as tall as me (I'm guessing 5'5, 5'6) and 125 lbs. I am guessing that hormones maybe setting in although I have seen no evidence of puberty other than b.o.. I often fear that perhaps he might have some psychosis involved along with his Autism and it's starting to manifest itself. Could he be schizophrenic? He's afraid of mirrors and he is always afraid some toy that he hates is outside his bedroom window. Or, has he had bad dreams that sort of manifest themselves in his memory so strongly that they even affect him when he's awake? Or, is he acting out because of some other issue or emotion he is having that he's not sure how to deal with? COME ON PEOPLE! HELP ME! YOU'RE ALL PSYCHOLOGISTS AREN'T YOU?!!!!!

Speaking of, we do have an appointment with a doctor in May who is an MD and a psychologist who works a lot with kids with disabilities. I am really anxious to see her and share this stuff with her. Although I'm not really big on the idea of meds, I have to wonder if perhaps this is all anxiety driven and there might be something to help qualm all this craziness.

But still, tell me what you think, tell me your experiences, and if you haven't had any, send my blog to someone who has and ask them to comment. I need all the help I can get!.....


Rebecca said...

Oh, man, Bon, I hope you get some helpful feedback. Casey is such a cheerful, chipper boy. It breaks my heart to read about him being fearful—and I'm sure it breaks your heart to experience it firsthand. We can only trust that there's an answer out there somewhere.

kristi said...

TC cries uncontrollably sometimes and can't or won't tell us why. Hope you get some answers..it is tough!

Bobbi said...

I wish I had the answer for you. Parker has bad dreams and then can't really tell the difference between them and reality. He also becomes scared of certain toys for no reason. It seems like most of his fears last a little while and then fizzle out. Here's hoping that's what Caseys does. Yesterday we were at Safeway and Parker saw a magazine that had a mean looking picture of Uncle Sam on it. He kept saying, he's gone, he's gone. I sometimes wish we could just get into their heads and figure out what is going on. I don't have and answer for you, but here are some hugs! ((hugs))

Mama Mara said...

Glad you're taking him to a doctor, rather than relying on those of us who aren't doctors but play on our blogs!

My experience? Both Rocky and Taz struggled with all the things you mentioned, and a professional diagnosed both of them as having anxiety disorders and some level of OCD. Anti-anxiety medication has been invaluable, helping to quell those nagging thoughts and images that otherwise refuse to be ignored and make night-time really torturous.

rainbowmummy said...

I know from having (undiagnoses) and reading about OCD intrusive thoughts play a part.

I hope you fnd a way to help Casy, this must be heart breaking to see xxx

mommy~dearest said...

Awww. Hugs to you guys.
I don't know what causes these fears either, but we deal with similar "insistances" like your 2007 vs 2009 debate.

Do you think it would help if you encouraged Casey to draw a picture of the image he's afraid of? It sounds tacky, but you may be able to identify it as being from TV, book, etc?

claire p said...

I'm afraid I can't say anything to help babes but I di know what you mean. Because Jamie is non verbal so far they only way he can tell us what's wrong it to cry or 'paddy'. Like this morning. He love a UK cartoon called 'Charlie and Lola'. There is one episode on DVD (we have them all) where Lola want to look after Sizzles the dog. Now he used to love this one and giggle the whole time. But this morning he burst into tears as soon as he saw the dog. No idea why, and he couldn't tell us. But if he watches it tomorrow he may well just giggle like he used to. I think their minds just work diffrently to ours, they proces thing in a diffrent way and maybe remember and associate diffrently. Hopefully the doc can give you something to go at. Let us know how it goes xxxxxx.