Sunday, March 29, 2009

3-D Makes for a Successful Movie Outing

Last night we went on one of our traditional "go see the latest kid crap movie" with our dear friends who have two kids themselves. We find that kids flicks are more bearable with other adults along for the usually boring ride, who are always happy and never embarressed to share a beer during the viewing! Yes, the theater that we pick out on purpose has a bar, if it doesn't, we have flasks. Call social services, whatever.

So, lately when Casey goes to see a movie, he's been known to hum and literally jibber jabber through most of it, unless of course he's trying to get us to take him to the bathroom at least 3 to 4 times during the film. Despite the fun concessions and gigantoid soft drink I allow him to have, he still can't get into some of the movies we've gone to see lately.

When my friend mentioned that the one we were going to see was in 3-D I was kinda curious and a little excited by the prospect. Earlier this week, Casey had found some 3-D glasses in a magazine (or more like a little board shaped like glasses that you had to hold on your face to look at 3-D pictures in the magazine). He actually asked me in his own way to make them stay on his face, so I punched holes and attached a string.

As you can see, it worked out pretty well, and he was happy. He wore them on and off the rest of the night and insisted on wearing them to school. I took him a little later so people wouldn't see him coming in with them on. I mean, I admit it, he looks a little goofy, but something about them and the way they make things look really appeals to him.

Back to the movie! Well, we got glasses going in, which were much better than the ones pictured. I tell ya, 3-D has come a long way since I was a kid. Things actually look like they are coming at you! At one point, I actually thought a person had stood up and was standing in the way of the screen, but it was a character in the movie! Whacky!

It kept Casey's attention too! I noticed he would watch, hold his hand out, as if to touch what was coming at him. Occasionally, he would look over the glasses to see what it looked like without. He even leaned over to me several times and asked a question concerning the plot. Comments were also made that were right on! I was thrilled!

Lesson learned? I guess in order for Casey to enjoy a movie, it has to be 3-D!

It's all how ya look at it right?


kristi said...

Right on!

Rebecca said...

Way to give away all our secrets. Now they're going to start frisking us at the door.

Debby said...

Sounds like you all had an enjoyable night! Good for you!

claire p said...

I remember when 3D glasses had a red eye and and green eye and just made you bosseyed! Glad you all enjoyed it, what was the movie by the way?

Casdok said...

C loves 3D movies to! But still hums all the way through!!