Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Journey has Ended...Thank God!

So it's been quite awhile since I've blogged. It's been a busy and weird, somewhat irritating and difficult couple of weeks, Caseywise.

The whole trial and error period of his going into the different classroom part of the day turned into, after extensive conversation and brainstorming in a meeting with the staff, his being able to chose whose room he wanted to be in a certain points of the day. Sometimes, he couldn't choose, because he had to go to Specials (gym, art, etc.) with the new class. What came out of this was that he basically chose to be with his original class when ever he had the choice!

When choosing became an option, his anxiety didn't seem to go down, his faking sickness to go home hadn't stopped, and his overall snotty demeanor continued. Finally, after a few episodes of breaking into tears, he explained in his way that he hated the new kids. I'm thinking the kids in his newer class situation. Come to find out at yet another meeting, they have a new student in his original classroom, who, apparently, is quite verbal, and is giving Casey a run for his money in the argumentative department.

This new kid likes to set Casey straight on what year it really is when Casey wants to pretend it's 2007. This other boy vehemently denounces Casey's fantasy with facts and that has caused quite a bit of upset in his original comfy enviorment. Oh good, more stress on the child!

His teacher thinks this could be a good thing in terms of bringing out more conversation and interaction, but so far, most exchanges between the boys have been less than friendly.

Anyway, on top of this, he consistently gets in trouble in the new classroom, episode after episode of trouble. According to one report, after being told to stand by a parapro, Casey came at her, hands out as if to hit or scratch. They reported that he said he was going to hit her. I had to wonder, was this after you asked "Casey, were you going to hit Mrs. D.?". Hhhmm, sounds like a good idea ,"Yes" he had answered. But was he really? Doesn't sound like our boy, and if indeed he was, why is he suddenly being so physical when he never was before?

To follow this little joyous occasion up, he lost lunch and recess with his "friends" for 3 days as a result. Wow, isn't that a great idea for a punishment for a kid who literally is dying for social interaction!? Even if he doesn't want it or care about it? Ugh....HE needs it!

The next day, he got in trouble once again when he shouted "stupid asshole" at the same parapro who he seemingly came at the day before! Oh, and she was the same one too who he had scratched a few weeks ago. Coincidence? By the way, we are not taking responsibility for the "stupid asshole" comment as I have never called Bill that. I've called him other things, but that is a Casey D. original!

And so, long story long, it was decided that all this is not working, they aren't working with us, they aren't going to work with us, Casey needs consistency and to be able to get back into working on IEP goals. Most importantly, the kids needs to be worked with properly, and he needs to be around professionals who know how to do so.

As of today I hope, he will not have to make any choices, and will have a nice consistent day of work, and play, and arguments with new kid. I guess he has to have a little stress, right?

(PS: if there are grammatical errors or just nonsensical sentences in this blog, please forgive me, I don't have time to edit right now)


rainbowmummy said...

You make so many good points here Bonnie (welcome back, hugs!!!!)

I am going to point this out to Eggs school that missing out on play time is just crazy, thanks!

What a brilliant mom Casey has got, keep it up!!!

Rebecca said...

What a week! Keep us updated on the saga!

kristi said...

Oh girl. I am sorry. If I were there I'd give you a big ol' hug.

Bobbi said...

Poor guy, I'm sorry he has to go through so much. Why can't they give our kids a break. They are not completely typical kids and they are impulsive. They expect them to behave like little adults. I hope you find a way to resolve the problems with the school. Are you going to change schools? I am so not looking forward to Parker getting older and getting into higher grades. ((hugs))

kristina said...

hair-pulling time!

Charlie sometimes touches or just taps a person, after that person may have brushed against him. He doesn't know his strength and sometimes the tap is more like (to the receiver) a......wap, ahem. But he really means nothing by it; it's his OCD working. This is all to say that I don't think it's clear if Casey wanted to hit (sigh) the parapro----our kids do have trouble figuring out social interactions. And that includes body language and gestures.

tgif, yes?

Casdok said...

Hugs to you and Casey (if he would let me!) I feel for you both.
As you said its a mission - and you get over one and theres another.
But you will get there (with a few more grey hairs!)

perkonasporty said...

Sheesh, Bon, that school does not seem to be working with you and Case very well. Does it feel like you're trying to nail jell-o to the wall or what? I agree with rainbowmummy - Casey does have a brilliant mom. You might not feel like it sometimes, but I think you being who you are makes a huge difference in your son's life.

DJ Kirkby said...

Ah poor Casey! I wish there was a special school for Autie and Aspie kids to go to so they could interact in their own ways. I know I sure wish I could have gone to one as a child. This mainstream schooling is nonsense. xo