Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a morning! After a nearly flawless morning with little to no yelling due to a pretty cooperative boy, I was off to work. My first call was at a store that is probably a good 5 miles away from home and school. I arrived, did my work, and got back in my car, ready to jaunt off to my next call. The weather this morning was pretty crappy, windy with blowing snow, and already cold temps dropping by the hour.

Suddenly my cell phone rang and the name of Casey's school popped up on the caller ID. "Shit" I thought immediately "either he's puked or hurt himself." His new teacher greeted me warmly, the conversation going something like this:

"Hi, is this Mrs. D@#*( ?"
"Hi, this is Mrs. C*&^%"
"What's wrong?"
"Oh, well, this has not been good morning!"
"No, first off Casey complained of needing glasses. Does he wear glasses?"
"No, he doesn't."
"OK, well, he said he needed them and at one point said he needed his F*&^ing glasses!"
"Oh Jesus!" (gee, why didn't I just tell her then that I have a profuse potty mouth and she can thank me for that word usage?)
"Yeah, so he lost his morning break which he of course wasn't happy about but you know, that can't be tolerated."
"No, I understand."
"Also, we had a transformer blow out and we have no electricity or heat at this time. My classroom as you know is in the middle of the school and we have no windows so we've moved to the reading lounge." (did you have reading lounges when you were in school? I think they were called libraries?!).
"Oh wow, that's not good!"
"No, so can you come and get him?"
"Oh, are they letting the whole school out?"
"Not at this point, but,....I mean I can take him down to his other room but the teacher is sick and there's a sub."
"Well, is he sick?"
"No, but he's upset and ...."
"Okay, I'll come and get him."
In a rather much happier and perky voice "Okay, we'll be waitin' in the office!".

So there I go hauling my cookies all the way back up to school, having a thousand different emotions at that point, hating his teacher for not knowing how to deal apparently, pissed off at our choosing to make this whole class change for more reasons than I care to go into at this point, pissed that my job is such that now I have to take a valuable sick day this early in the year. I think I was most upset that it just seemed point blank that it was decided he had to be taken out. There was no dealing with him apparently. Why didn't I say more? Why didn't I say what I was thinking right then?

I pulled up to the main street the school is on to a line of cars waiting to go through an intersection with traffic lights that didn't work, and noted after make my cautious turn through it that most of the buildings were dark. Pulling up to the school, I could see children sitting in the lobby having class on the floor. I went into the office where I was met by his teacher. She apologized profusely about calling me and said she was frustrated that they weren't making an effort to dismiss the children. As we were walking, a tall shadowy figure with sound canceling earphones was coming towards us along with his parapro. His voice carried down the hallway, "Oh boy, the lights are out! This is not right! OK everybody, see you tomorrow, I'll be back tomorrow!". This line was said twice before he finally reached us. His teacher looked at me and said "Yeah, he's not dealing well with this." Clearly.

She thanked me and said she had to go as she was considering calling the rest of the parents of her class. At that point it was 63 degrees and getting colder in there, on top of the darkness. Casey continued his self regulating diatribe on seeing everyone tomorrow and how this wasn't right as we proceeded to the car. I felt a little better about the fact that he was distraught, and that she wasn't trying to just get rid of him, but probably felt that this was the best thing for him.

So, we're going to a movie later! Oh, and a friend just called, the power is back on at the school.....sigh........


kristi said...

I'm so sorry about this. UGH. I have received calls like this from TC's teacher too! Sometimes I will tell her to give it an hour and call me back.

Posh Totty said...

Oh no, I hope things calm down soon Xx

kristina said...

What did they expect----My heart always skips a couple beats when the school's number flashes on.

claire p said...

Yes they were called libraries when I was at school (100 years ago!). What a day! I can remember our schools closing when the oil froze and the heating packed up. So far (crossing fingers and touching wood) it hasn't happened to Jamie yet. Mind you we don't get serious winter here. You have snow!! Oh the jeliousy!

Mama Mara said...

What happened to Casey's FAPE (free and appropriate education) rights? I don't see anything in the federal special education laws about all rights terminating in the absence of electricity.


rainbowmummy said...

Oh for crying out loud. I am sorry he was upset but come on, will they phone you to collect Casey every time he is upset? You were at work, this is not fair, they have to be fair. I agree with Mama Mara. Ugh. Well done for being so calm!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I agree with the others. Casey's new teacher needs to figure out how to deal with whatever he throws her way, and she's not going to learn by getting rid of him at the first sign of noncompliance! I'm sure this incident will be fresh on your mind when you go for the next IEP.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how frustrating. :( i'm sure, were I in your situation, I'd have had all the same emotions and questions. I hope the rest of the day went well...