Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not Much to Report.....

Wow, back to the routine and nothing to much really to report.

Case made it to school the last couple of days with no problem other than a disorganized mother floundering around in the morning trying to get him ready after she has allowed him to sleep in much too late. I really need to get the child to bed earlier, perhaps using the old Melatonin again, although if I recall last time, he said he heard voices even worse than he usually does when he took it! I really am a loser when it comes to organizing time in the morning for him and me! Really, what makes me think that I can get up by 6:45am and get him and me out the door bathed, tooth brushed, fed and fully equipped by 8:20? I truly need to get up at 5am to get my shit together. Gee, maybe I'll try that tomorrow. I'll let ya know how that goes!

I am not sure how school in the new classroom is going for him yet, 'course he's only been back 2 days. I need to give him at least a week to get back into the swing of things I think. I did cancel our IEP scheduled for Wednesday because I still don't think he's had enough time to transition over. The director I emailed concerning my cancellation fully agreed, a total shocker, so I hope another month or so might get him into the swing of things. This I will update you on as well 10 Readers!

As for me, I really thought I would try to take off the 30 lbs I gained over Christmas with healthy eating and a strict exercise regime, but after imbibing in 3 not so "Fresco" style items at Taco Bell and what remained of a hefty box of Gobstoppers for lunch, you could say my intentions flew to the wayside for the day! Oh well, in the immortal words of Scarlett O'Hara (my hero) "Tomorrow is another day!".

My as I be so bold as to implore all of you to go and read and COMMENT on my poor hubby's newly established blog. I believe after 2 entries and 4 comments left, he's ready to give up! Quitter!

Oh, if you are familiar with Temple Grandin, the famous adult Autistic who has written many books and has a new one out, not really so much about Autism this time, then you might enjoy this interview with her from NPR. If you don't know of her, you might give it a listen. I always learn a little something whenever I hear her speak!

One more little self indulgence if you will. I thought I would post my families Christmas photo from this year! We really are handsome bunch!

Sorry it's so small, can't fix it for some reason! Ta ta for now!


Rebecca said...

Why is your word verification setup so much better than Bill's? I have to jump through hoops to comment on his blog. I expect more from you as his site administrator. Anyhow...tell us more about Casey's new classroom and his good reports!

Rebecca said...

Facebook told me this post was new. Not to me. Just sayin'.

claire p said...

Ah the old post Christmas diet!! WHile there's still so much chocolate kicking about it won't be happening! But good luck.
Glad Casey's settleing in. Jamie was so excited about going back to school.

And I soooooo know about being crap in the mornings! Jamie has a taxi to collect him for 8.15 and I still struggle, I don't even have to be dressed myself! Pathetic. Good luck with the 5am thing x.