Monday, December 15, 2008

And Now, as for Casey......

Geeze, too much, too much animal nonsense here on my blog about my son with Autism! I apologizefor verging from the original intention of this blog. I almost wonder if I should start a blog about all this additional crapola subject matter I seem to like to spout off about on here! I think though that oneor the other blog would get neglected. My New Years resolution, blog about Casey here 95% of the time, cats, kittens, and bettas 5%. I am sure certain individuals will see to it that I stick to that and remind profusely when I don't....DON.....REBECCA.....

Any hoot, I guess I didn't really post much about Casey last week because there wasn't much to post other than the note I recieved that first day concerning his ok day in his new classroom. Not much after that was reported, and as my sweet (and often dilusionary) hubby would say, "No news is good news!". Casey hasn't fought me on going to school, nor has he sounded off about any negativity he is feeling, so I am not sure how the whole thing is rollin' right now. Today will be another weird day because they have their big Christmas concert and each class performs today and tonight. Which brings me to a whole other subject all together.

Right now, Case has music with regular ed one day, and just the "Center" program another day. Apparantly, this is the first year the music teacher has experienced having the "special needs" (yuk) group in his room, so it really threw off his concert plans. Ahhh, poor guy....I guess he didn't realized that throwing choreography in with singing brand new songs might be a little tough for some kids who can't even talk, focus, or maintain a proper stillness for more that 5 seconds without being held in place! Hee hee...where's the prep work I say? He knew these kids were going to be in there! I don't know why I went there, irresponsible and funny at the same time. So, in short, it's been a challenge and I am really anxious to see how the whole things turns out.

Casey has really latched on to the songs they are singing and we hear them being sung all the time, which is a delight! He actually has a good little voice and a natural rhythm (neither one he gets from me). The school gave everyone a copy of the songs to practice at home and I couldn't believe the first time we listened to it together how he sang along of course and did some pretty cute little hand movements and gestures too. I think he will do fine tonight, if he can just stay in his spot. He gets really excited at being on stage, and in the past, for example at his dance recitals, he tends to steal the show with some sort of improvisational number. That's ok when he's on stage with a bunch of kids who aren't really doing the number to begin with. It's sort of a comic relief actually. But tonight would not be cool for him to hop out in front of the choir and begin his boogying down and perhaps singing to himself. I pray they have a parapro to assist. I of course will give a full report and perhaps a peek at the actual performance tomorrow. Say a little prayer Bill and I won't be crining in our seats!

Ok, so 5% of this can be about animals. Ricky, our new kitten, is doing swimmingly so far! He used the litter box, which was the main thing, and seems to be getting along ok with the old cats. I feel sorta bad for them, it's like bringing a little kid in a nursing home letting him run amuck! A few smacks and hisses have been thrown but no one is the worse for wear, so far! Ok, I'm done!

Casey and Abe

I downloaded this photo thinking I was going to put it in my latest entry and it didn't work that way. Seeing as how I'm at the library, I have no idea how to fix enjoy....

Casey and Abe