Friday, October 31, 2008

Cool Natural Health Stuff I Want to Share

Last night I went with my dear friend Paulette to a little talk on healthy remedies and lifestyle. The woman, Judy, who presented it is just a mom (silly thing to say-just a mom) who has done tons of research and used everything she talked about. I met her recently when I went with another dear friend to a "workshop" she also gave on keeping a healthy home with natural stuff. The natural line of products is called Melaleuca, and I am just in love with it. I sorta promised myself that I wasn't going to blog about it because I didn't want people to think I'm selling it, because I'm not. But it's just one of those things where when you try something that you really like, you want everyone you know to try it too. If you're interested in hearing about it or want to know more, email me, I'll hook ya up!

Anyway, back to last night. Most of her talk was on healthy remedies for common illnesses we all get throughout the winter months, colds, flus, viruses. I thought I would share a few things she mentioned so if you want to do your own research you can.

One thing I have to mention first and foremost because I actually did it this past weekend was her suggestions for sinus infection and inflammation. Crap, ok, now that I think of it, this goes back to Melaleuca, sorry. Sorta the premise for many of their products is that they contain Melaleuca Oil, or tea tree oil. Seriously, this will tell you what it does here So, I have this crappy sinus infection all weekend, and I'm ready to call the doc on Monday. I was using my netti pot and if you're not familiar, look up Sinucleanse (not a Melaleuca item so see, I'm not trying to make money) and decided since Melaleuca oil is a natural germ killer, maybe a few drop sin the water of my netti pot would help kill the infection. I did this Saturday and Sunday, multiple times. It was weird, and I wasn't sure if it would work, but the infection was gone by Monday morning, so no doc, no antibiotics, and as a result of antibiotics usually, no yeast infection (sorry to any males reading this). I asked Judy about this last night and she highly agreed with my course of action and said I should do it daily to fight off more infections.

She also told us about how if you are feeling a cold or some sickness coming on to use grapefruit seed extract oil to fight it off. It's a natural antibiotic and is extremely strong. She suggests up to 15 drops in orange juice several times a day when you are starting to feel bad. You can use it on the kids too, just use as much as you can get away with before they say it tastes bad. You have to stir it a lot too or it will sink down to the bottom of your cup. This is the one she uses and several gals there had used it too and said it was good and lasted a long time. Also, she made a point of saying if you are on any heart or blood pressure medication, not to use this as it makes your medication not work.

Now here's a weird one, and one I don't know that I'll try, but so basic, it's almost worth trying once. She actually said that when she is getting sick she does a combination of stuff including, cutting up a garlic clove in small chunks and swallowing it down with milk. It sounds so gross to me, but garlic is supposed to be really excellent for you, and a natural antibiotic. Judy said swallowing (not chewing) it with milk helps you not to get stomach upset from it. If I ever try this, I'll be sure to give all my friends and family fair warning to stay away, and let you know if it helps!

Another item she shared, and we got to try was ginger water. She simply got fresh ginger, peeled it, and cut off a few chunks and threw it in boiling water. She said to take the ginger out after about 15 minutes or it would be too strong to drink. After doing this, you can sip it all day, hot or cold, and you can add lemon and honey for taste. We all tried it, and agreed it was not offensive at all, and kinda reminded me of weak herbal tea. It apparantly is yet another way to stave off sickness, naturally, easily, and in this case, a little more pleasantly.

She offered some more suggestions such as the use of oil of oregano and colloidal silver. You can research these on your own because she really didn't discuss them enough for me to give you valuable info, but I know they seem to be good things to use to fight off sickness as well.

Also, if you take vitamins, she suggested doubling up on them when you feel like you're getting sick. Judy actually mentioned doing many of these things together to really fight off whatever is trying to attack. And do it all for more than just a day, even if you start feeling better.

I hope I haven't bored any of you too much, because if you are already reading to this point, then you must have been interested. I don't want to get sick, but it's sorta nice to know some alternatives before I have to run myself, Bill, or Casey to the doctor. And aren't things almost always better if they're natural?

Here are some books that she recommended as well....

Herbal Antibiotics by Steven Buhner
Prescription for Nutritional Healing

If you have used any of these natural remedies or have others please share.