Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I So Need to Get a Life!

Ok, I've done an entry on a Halloween Party we attended. I can't do an entry on decorations, and how fabulously I decorated my house because, I haven't. Casey's party at school is Friday, so I can't really speak to that yet, it's only Tuesday. But in the excitement of Halloween and all it's creepiness, I would like to introduce you to VLAD! Scary huh?

"Scary?" you ask? Well, yeah! He should look like this.....

See the lovely, long, flowy, finny things hanging off my first Betta Gilbert, Gil for short? That's how a Betta should look!

As reported here, I have what some would call an obsession with Betta fish. At the point that I wrote this entry, I believe I only had 7 Betta's. I now have 11 Betta's. I was seriously going to stop at 7, really. But I suddenly became, in my head a Betta fish rescuer.

I found Vladimir, Vlad for short while working in a large grocery chain. I won't mention names, because, I like to think that I am that important that someone from this chain might happen upon my entry.

So anyway, as I am so wont to do, I was working, at this unnamed chain (Meijers) and I always happen by the fish department. No seriously, it's sorta where I need to be for my job, so there I am. They usually have a lovely assortment of Betta's, and I like to look, not buy, all the time, just look. (I have only purchased one Betta prior to this at Meijer-oops, Duncan). As I scanned the stupid little cups they put them in, I happened upon this poor fish whose fins looked at though they had been ripped off. Also, his one eye was bugged out and gross. All the while, I was chatting on the phone with my dear friend,the lovely Rebecca, and suddenly described the situation to her. I had to wonder what happened to this poor fish, and why they thought they could sell him in this condition. Being the Betta lover, and sudden rescuer that I thought myself to be, I told Rebecca that I was going to ask the fish dept. attendant if they would discount this poor thing for me so I could take it home and SAVE IT'S LIFE!

Rebecca, who has no love or respect for the betta or my love of the betta, found this tremendously humorous, and requested that she be put on speaker so she could secretly hear my conversation about marking this fish down. That's how ridiculous she thinks I am! So, I did.

I approached the young fish attendant, phone on speaker in one hand, the ripped up fish in the other, and the conversation went something like this:

"Hi, yeah, this fish looks like it came in really messed up, do you guys discount fish?" me asks.

"Uh, let me ask my boss?" he says, grabbing his walkie talkie. "Uh, yeah, this lady wants to buy a damaged fish, can we discount it?"....

Silence from all parties.

"Uh, ok." he says putting his walkie talkie back on his belt "No ma'am, my boss says we get credit for it either way (whatever that means) so we can't discount it!"

"Seriously?!" I ask, my face turning red at the mere thought that they think they could sell this "Elephant Man" of the fish world "Because no one is going to buy him, and he'll just die in here...".

"Yeah, she said no, sorry".

"Well, what happened to him?" I implored. At this point, I thought I saw the young man go sneakily to the walkie talkie, perhaps to call security.

"Sometimes at night when no one is here teens come in and put fish in the same cup to see if they fight or not, and they do, and they rip up each other. Sometimes we find them dead! " I sucked in my breath at this point, and he continued "I think that's what happened to this one!".

I clicked my phone shut, too angry to let Rebecca overhear now, and I started in on him about how they should lock them up and blah blah blah. He said no one could buy them if they are locked up at night. Who, I asked is buying a Betta fish in the middle of the night (well, perhaps me if I had insomnia).

"So, do you want the fish ma'am?".

"Bag 'em." I replied, at a loss for what to do, and not being able to leave him. "Because no one is going to buy him, and he'll just die in here...". My own words haunted me, and made me feel stupid as I carried this thing up to the cashier. I'm pretty sure the attendant snickered behind my back.

Well, long story long, I named him Vladimir, because he was sorta of a horror, and Vladimir is Dracula's first name, and he is the star of many a horror film and you get the picture. Plus, I always wanted to name something Vlad, so what better creature than this monstrosity.

I went online to see what I could do for him. He was really sad and pathetic, and didn't eat for 2 weeks. But, after I gave him some Betta medicine daily and changed his stinky water, and kept him away from the others so as not to frighten them, or make them sick, he started eating, just this week! And his bulbulous eye thingy has disappeared, and his fins look as though they are growing back! And I am just happy as a clam!

I have to ask myself why I would put this much thought and work (and a little dough) into a gross, sick Betta, and I really don't know. It's not like saving a cat or a dog. Honestly, I am not even going to try to justify it. I just thought it was a stupid funny story to share. I understand if you feel that I am mentally unstable and won't be visiting anymore. But I did save him dammit!