Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Miracle Belt...Does it Work?

I recently learned about a new sensory item on the news that worked like a weighted vest but wasn't quite as cumbersome. The report went on to mention how it helped many kids with Autism and ADHD, and how it affected their proprioception and balance and really helped them to focus more and be in tune with their bodies. It's a weighted belt called a Miracle Belt.

Casey's biggest issue at school is focus, and if you ever saw him walk, you know that he has trouble with knowing where his body is in space. In the past, I've had him carry a backpack with something heavy in it and you can tell a difference. So this Miracle Belt was appealing and I read up on it.

I finally broke down and got one, they aren't cheap but we felt like it could be helpful. So, after I got it and showed Casey, his first response was "Send that back!". Great! He went on to say that it was for babies, and it "hurt" after I bribed him to wear it for 2 minutes.

The same week I bought this cheapie little magazine that I like and came across an article about a boy with ADHD and how that very belt worked for him. It's in Woman's World magazine if you're interested in reading it. The mom in the story used a great idea of telling her son the belt would give him magic powers to think better. She's brilliant, I yelled at Casey to put it on, not making him like it at all. I actually read the article to him, and believe it or not, I think I sold him on it. Thank God for second chances!

So, presently, we are at the point where he will wear it when he does his homework. Now granted, this has only been in the last 3 days, but I can tell a difference when he's doing his work. Oddly, his writing, which is, let's face it, horrific, has been smaller, more precise, more legible. When I told him last night to do 4 worksheets his teacher had sent home (and requested I not help him with, that's another blog), he sat for a good 10 to 15 minutes straight, completing each one with just a little bit of encouragement from me to get things done. I was really bowled over! I looked over the work when he had finished, and although not perfect, or even correct at some points, he still sat, for a looong time, and finished. And he never tried to escape or complain! Stunning! A miracle in and of itself!

I am in no way selling these Miracle belts or am I affiliated with the company, but I just thought I would share my experience thus far. I know as a parent with a kid like Case, it's always nice to hear first hand what works and what doesn't, and this thing really seems to help him! Fortunately, they do have a trade in program because as the kid grows, so does the need for more weight in the belt. Right now the one he wears is about 4lbs.

I'll continue to report on any more improvements or miracles we see come from it, and I will be equally as eager to report how crappy it turned out to be. But I'm hoping for the best!