Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Love Saturday, I Hate Saturday

We have a strange thing that happens in our house every weekend just about (like most people I'm sure on some level). Our thing of course involves Casey.

Every weekend, he is happy as a clam throughout Saturday morning. This time of the day usually includes breakfast, watching Qubo on NBC (a little group of kids shows all together they show from 10am to 1pm, but there is also a Qubo cable channel that shows the same shows all the time and this is important to this tale later), and dilly dallying on the computer.

When he first discovered Qubo, we couldn't leave the house until 1pm, when it was over. This rule sorta went down the tubes later on thank goodness. But now, after the day is over and night begins to fall, Case begins to get very emotional about Saturday in general, saying that it's not Saturday, kids shows are not over, etc.. He gets to the point of crying and really upsetting himself.

We switched cable companies recently and found out we now had this Qubo channel, and thought the whole issue he had each week would be done, because he could watch "kid shows" anytime he wanted. This however, has not helped for whatever reason.

Last night Dad took him for a bike ride. I was in the kitchen awaiting their arrival back. Through the open window, I could hear very loud talking verging on yelling and knew it was not neighborhood kids, but my child back from his ride. Bill was clearly upset with him and he was in tears. Bill explained that the first half of the ride was good, but then for whatever reason, Case began his beligured monologue again on how kids shows are over and it's not Saturday and all that same stuff, and all the while, yelling it very loudly while riding. He also goes so far as constantly telling us that it's not 2008, it's 2006! Ok, whatever.

Later on, I was helping him get ready for bed when I was trying to reason with him about this whole silly Saturday routine and how he had to let it go. I finally got out of him that it made him sad that Saturdays and Sundays go by so quick and then it's Monday. Ok, a breakthrough, so I guess when night starts to fall, perhaps he's reminded that the kids shows he used to only enjoy in the morn are over, it's almost Sunday, and Sunday is very close to Monday. I thought I had it all figured out.

But it just broke my heart that it tortured him so to anticipate the weekends being over with. I don't believe it's because he dislikes school or anything like that, I think it's just that he gets his ultimate down time on the weekends and he loves it so much. I tried to explain to him that weekends were like cookies, or pizza, sort of a treat, and that you always get one, it never changes, they always come.

I laid down with him to watch the Wiggles Magical Adventure for the 800th time and he seemed calmer. Then, Dad came in to say good night and he starts yelling "It's 2006, it's not 2008!".

Bill quickly kissed him on the head and scurried out of the room.....I laid there and endured some more bitchin' until he fell asleep. Guess this problem wasn't solved after all......

Any suggestions would be truly appreciated!