Monday, October 6, 2008

The 10th Birthday Extravaganza is Complete!

Well, the excitement that started over a week ago, has finally come to a close. Yes, Casey's 10th Birthday Extravaganza has come to an end! Thank God. Just kidding. It was a big deal to turn 10 years old. I can't believe I have a 10 year old, it's very weird.

I thought I would share some of the highlights from the events that occured during the Extravaganza.
It all started with a little school bash. Unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be) the batteries on my damn camera went out (as well as the battery on my video camera, what to be prepared mom!) so I was only able to capture the above photo from that event, but I'm glad I did. It's a shot of what Casey wrote in himself because someone forgot to put his class party in the schedule. Everyone there was tickled and thrilled by him doing this, as was I. He had fun handing out party favors, and eating frosted cookies and Cheetos with his friends. They had all made cards for him (all 3 of them). It was pretty cute.

That night we went to Chuck E. Cheeses for the traditional birthday with our closest friends. These are their adorable children Sophia and Jack, and of course gargantuan birthday boy. It was an evening of fun and lots of pizza eating for Casey. The parents enjoyed some "spirits" because we found that it makes CEC more fun for us! Don and Rebecca (the parents of those darling children, and just as cute) got Case the perfect gift, a set of his very own Pee Wee Herman Show DVD's, First Season. He LOVES them. Thanks J/Ks.

Here, you can see the boy on his actual birthday "showing off" the beautiful cake I made and decorated myself! (No, I did not get it at a bakery, I'm just that good...ha). We had his father's side over and enjoyed that lovely cake along with some Kentucky Fried Chicken per Casey's request. Finger lickin' good it was. As you can see, he's striking his "no photos please" stance he uses frequently when approached by the paparazzi.

Here he is just this last Friday, playing hooky at the Indianapolis zoo. My sisters and I took him and it was such a great day. All the animals were out on display, and very few crowds were there. Other than his constant demands for a drink all through the "Plains" area, he seemed to have great time and especially enjoyed the dolphin show. (I sorta needed a drink after that too! nar nar) Here he takes his life into his own hands as he strikes a quick pose by a python who we spotted creeping up the wall in the snake exhibition. Where are the damn zookeepers when you need them?

Here's a giraffe we saw, he was pretty cute.

The next night was the big Pee Wee Herman/Mexico City Grill bash. About 16 members of the family showed and a great time was had by all, especially Case. We got the staff to change one of the televisions in the dining room to Univision (a Spanish channel), and with that, and all the people and plenty of Sprite, it was Casey's idea of a party. Pictured here is his cousin Ali who is a special needs teacher. She loves hanging with him, especially when she's got a taco and a pitcher of margaritas nearby! Hee hee, just jokin' Ali!

The staff was kind enough to come and sing to him in Spanish and he was so excited. He got to wear a sombrero which one of my enibriated family members helped him sneak out of the restaurant with after dinner was through.

That's me looking really old next to my gorgeous niece. And no, Casey is not choking in this photo, I have no idea why he is holding his neck.

Finally, and this is sad, I have no photos other than this one, of my sister Sue's dog Fletch with a party hat on of the festivities that occured after the restaurant. Maybe a few too margaritas for mommy were to blame! We went back over to Sue's house where she had spent way too much time gathering Pee Wee memorabilia for him and crafting her own Pee Wee decorations since they don't make them anymore! It was a great night and Case was a little overwhelmed but had fun. Thanks everyone and especially sister Sue for making his birthday awesome!

What a party week!