Sunday, September 28, 2008

Indulge Me if You Will...Part Deux (that's 2 in fancy French) A Husband's Perspective

I know all 3 of my readers are sitting on pins and needles waiting to read the follow up to "Indulge Me if You Will". Well, I have enlisted the talents of a fantastic writer (and a professinal writer no less), and novice blogger, my husband Bill, to regale you with his memories of that horrific but ultimately bountiful night. Here Bill opens up about the ups and downs of the hours that followed my initial arrival at the hospital. Get out your hankies out, this is a tear jerker.

Bill...husband here...with my recollections of the big day...

If I can put my guy hat for a was the Michigan/Michigan State game...round about kickoff...when Bonnie, after a call to a friend for confirmation, calmly announced that her water broke.

LIke any rational thinking man, I lined the vehicle with trash bags, and we headed out for the hospital...After being greeting by a squadron of nurses....and a brief visit from our guest gyno (the regular doc out on a planned vacation)...we hunkered down for what ended up to be hours upon hours of Bonnie feeling miserable...and me and loyal sis-in-law Sue feeling bad for her feeling bad...

Of course, as night turned into deep night...and Bonnie's misery increased (as well as her dislike for the tall, dashing fella who got her in that condition), we all took great solace in the many breathing exercises we learned in Lamaze classes...(Breath deep...Focus...Get out of my face!)...Sue and I also challenged each other to see who could stay awake the longest...(I fell to fifteen minutes of slumber about 4-ish in the a.m.)

The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel was the epideral...but as the time grew near and pain ratcheted up a few hundred notches...nary an anethesiologist was to be found....(Seems a couple of C-sections were occupying these specialists)...Even Sue's early-morning screams into an empty hallway made little difference...and by the time a doc became was too late for anything but straight-on natural baby-birthing...

But the fun had just we stared at what was to be Casey's noggin' trying to push its way out...(Progress was slow, to say the least)...The word surreal is often overused, but fit well here...I actually, for a few brief moments, was able to step out of the personal mode to subjectively marvel at the magic of the whole birthing process. Of course, the moanings of my wife jolted me back to the here and now, and I quickly assumed my role as primarly focal point and rooting section.

When Casey finally made his arrival at 12:16 p.m....with the aid of jelly-filled forceps...his purple, screeching presence marked a new chapter in our that to this day keeps us enthralled with what will come next.

So sweet, so beautifully written. Thank you Bill, and the image of "jelly-filled forceps" would make anyone woman considering getting pregnant jump in the sack with her man immediately I think!!!!

Up next, my other and probably more aggressive coach and dear sister, Sue, will be sharing her recollections as well.....boy, I'm really turning this into an epic!


I have so much to blog about, but considering I'm waiting for an entry by a guest blogger and I have to really get my shit together, I would like to share with you a photo of a spider I found in my garden this morn as I was watering. I subsequently watered his beautiful web, so it's a wonder he let me photograph him without attacking me. Enjoy and more to come! If anyone could offer information as to what sort of spider this might be, that would be cool. Also, could you let me know if they come into houses? If so, I may have to go out and do some smashing!