Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun Run?

Today Casey's school had it's annual Fun Run to raise money for the school. Bascially, it's fundraiser where you were supposed to get at least $50 in "pledges". I didn't do this because a)I sorta forgot about it, and b)why would I ask people to give money to a public school and get nothing in return? So I sent in 20 bucks and that was that.

The flyer sent home encouraged parents to come and cheer on their students as they did the 45 minute run (or walk if they choose). I always feel tremendously guilty if I don't go to things like this because I have this fear that Casey will see the other parents and wonder where the hell I was.

So, I sorta scrambled the work schedule and made my way over. It was a cute little program, and there were flags and teams and leaders and some sort of cheetah like freaky thing walking around (see above pic). It sorta cracked me up because they made a track going around this tent that was playing music, and that was what they had to walk around (or run) for 45 minutes!? I was picturing this great hike throughout the surrounding neighborhoods, people lining the streets cheering the children on! But, that wasn't how it was at all.

Somehow, not only did I come to see him off and cheer him on while he made his way around this kinda dumb loop, I ended up walking around that dumb loop with him. His lovely teacher walked with us for awhile and then had to see about another kiddo, so I just kept walking with him. I felt really queer every time I passed the other parents who had come to cheer their kids on, because they were just standing on the sidelines talking and waving pom poms, and here I am out walking with 100 little 5th and 6th graders. How did this happen? I'm a nerd.

Casey was cool with it for awhile, although he said at one point he just needed to sit down (I'm with ya brotha!).

Anyway, the run ended with all the kids getting a popsicle and a bracelet (which I just realized was no longer on his wrist, not a surprise!). It was hot but fun. Here's the Red Team!

I didn't get a bracelet, or a popsicle, nor was I featured in the picture! But I walked darn't!