Thursday, September 18, 2008

Casey's Awesome Day!

Today around 10am I recieved a call from Casey's school. Either puke has occured or he cussed and has been sent to juvenile detention I figured! When I answered, his teacher Ms. Murray said "Hi Bonnie, it's Jackie!". "What did he do?" I asked not thinking, being "the cup's half empty" girl.

"Oh no, nothings wrong!" she said, probably thinking me a nasty mom. She went on to explain that he had just gotten back to his AI (Autistically Impaired) classroom from being in regular ed. social studies and he had the best time in there since school has started. He was so thrilled about how well he did he was dancing around the room she reported and she and the parapros danced right along with him. Casey told her that he sat really well and listened and wrote what the teacher wanted him to write. His para who goes with him backed up his story, and even popped on the phone to tell me that she was just so thrilled! She said her heart was almost pounding at how excited she was about how well he behaved. At this point, I'm standing outside the gas station I was servicing, almost in tears, and just feeling so happy and proud.

The rest of the day, I called several family members and extreme close friends telling them of the call and Casey's accomplishments. I kept thinking to myself, this is what he's capable of, this is his potential! It's coming out big time. Then of course I had to start hypothesizing on what may have caused him to have this great day!? Was it a better night's sleep? Two Poptarts instead of one this morning? What was it?

Could it be that things are just clicking for him? His comfort level is growing in school. He's growing up, he's more mature. His teacher and the staff are awesome by all accounts. Things are just working together perhaps to cause him to ROCK!

When he got off the bus, he said "So, how was your day at Riley?". I said "Yeah, it was great I heard!" and he answered me and himself with an exuberant "Yes!". And, we celebrated with his chosen treat of fries and a drink from Wendy's.

His teacher called again apologizing for calling so much (yeah, like you have to apologize for taking an interest in my kid! PUH-LEEZ!). She went on to say the rest of his day was wonderful as well, and she is just so excited because he seems to be working really well with incentives that he chooses himself. She went on to explain how she is going crazy with the incentives at this point but will start stretching them out farther as he gets more into the routine. We have always found at home he works well when he's promised something in return, most kids do. I think the difference this teacher has made in the school setting is that he gets to pick his incentive. He has a board that has 6 different ones he can chose from (ie Coke, computer time, gum). I think his being in control is making all the difference.

It's just so wonderful to get good reports, and to have a teacher so interested and better yet, excited about his doing well. We are hoping that it continues and grows, but even if it doesn't, as mentioned before, I know what his potential is. It's there, it will come out, it already has!

I asked Casey to show me how he looks when he feels proud......