Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Reason for Everything

My title may be a little too "big for it's britches" concerning the content of this entry, but it seems fitting in the smallest way.

As my last entry reported we had a few problems at school last week, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't put a bit of a dark cloud over things.

Yesterday was a really rainy dreary day. There wasn't much to do. I decided to take him to our local rec center to swim at the indoor pool much to my chagrin. I say that because weekends there are crowded with parties and people who don't come during the week, and people who come only because, as in yesterday's case, it was raining. Yesterday was no different, the pool swarming with children. I just hate it when it's crowded. But he got in right away and was having a grand old time. Suddenly a cute little kid happened by and said "Hi Casey!". Casey of course didn't reply as he was wrapped up in his swimming so I did the PR and said hi and asked how the boy knew him and his name. "He's in my class at Riley. I'm Raymond!" he explained. I rambled off something to the effect of that's great, and thanks for being a friend to him and blah blah. The kid lost interest in me quickly and swam off. A few seconds later a woman swam and said "Hi, I'm Raymond's mom! I got a call from Casey's parapro Friday complimenting Raymond on how well he did with Casey and how he included him during gym class!".

I was dumbstruck!

"Oh, that's really great!" I replied and went to explain how I had been so concerned about the new school and new kids etc.. "Well," she replied "I worked with developmentally disabled (hair rises on the back of my neck) children for over 20 years and I guess some of that rubbed off on Raymond. He's such a wonderful boy blah blah....". The sound of the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons started coming out of her mouth, at least to my ears.

Ok, I'm mean....I'll let it go. But his mother's boasting aside, I was really happy to hear that another kid took it upon himself to befriend Casey in some way. I made a point of complimenting him on my own, and told him to keep up the good work!
It gave me hope, and sorta clouded out my visions of "typical" kids pelting him with pebbles shouting racial epitaphs at him....I jest, but it's nice to know there's good kids out there! His mom should be proud.

So I suppose that's why I was steered by a higher power to take him swimming yesterday. If I hadn't taken him, I probably would never had heard about this new "friend"!