Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Were You Doing that Dreadful Morning?

I guess everyone can pretty much remember what they were doing at 8:46am September 11, 2001. My good friend reminisced today that she actually was on her way to the airport for a flight to New Jersey that morning! Most people were probably on their way to work or already there. Here in Michigan, just like in New York that day, the weather was beautiful. A cool September morning, not a cloud in an extremely blue sky. I was on my way to work at one of the grocery stores I called on at the time. I had just dropped Casey off at his preschool program. I was listening to Howard Stern when news broke of the first plane. Odd that I would hear the news of a plane going into the World Trade Center on such a program. I recall that they had thought it a joke at first. Howard was confused I remember, at a loss for words and not sure what was going on. That was when I knew something was not right, it wasn't an accident.

I went into my store call, not really thinking too much about what happened, figuring I would go back out and listen to a real news station after I was done. I had been standing and checking some of my items when I overheard someone say "They've hit the Pentagon!". My heart sank, and at that moment, I ran out to my car, thinking the Apocalypse or something had started. I had about a 35 minute ride to my son's school, because that's where I felt I needed to go, despite being told when I called that they weren't going to release the children and felt that they were in no immediate danger. I called my husband, I listened to the radio and kept hearing horror after horror. The sky was so blue, and it was so sunny, and everything seemed so surreal.

When I arrived at Casey's little preschool, I decided that it would be silly to go in and upset his routine. So, I sat out in the parking lot for around 2 hours and waited for him to get out. It felt right at the time. I was near if something occurred, I didn't know what that something was, but I was there for him.

Not to overuse "surreal" but that is the only way I can describe that day. Things sorta went on as usual, we did a lot of the usual stuff, but our hearts were heavy, and I personally felt anxiety I had never had before. Nothing seemed right.

I walked Casey to the park that night, and noticed how there were no planes in the sky, how quiet it was. Again, surreal. We watched the news, talked, and I ached inside for what had happened to all those people, and what could happen to others in the future.

What were you doing that dreadful morning?