Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crazy? Maybe but I don't Care!

The room is quiet, a church basement somewhere in Michigan, people sit in a cirlce looking embarrassed, quiet, reserved. They know why they are there, but dread talking of it. The leader of the group points to an almost middle-aged woman, whose chair is purposely pushed back farther from the circle, in the hopes of not being noticed. She doesn't want to be there, but there was an intervention, her husband insisted.

"Why don't we start with you!" the caring person in charge says.

She begins to feel warmth flow over her face, she doesn't want to do this, but for the families sake, she takes a deep breath and begins,

"Hi, my name is Bonnie, and I'm a Betta Fishaholic..."

"Hi Bonnie!" the other group members reply in a show of support......

I recently wrote about the acquisition of a new pet pictured below, who Casey named Gilbert.

As you can see, he's a striking specimen of Betta fish. I really enjoyed his little wiggly presence in my kitchen. It all started out so innocently....

Someone mentioned how soothing the sound of an aquarium was so I thought perhaps I would get a little one and put Gil in it (I was calling him "Gil" by then) and let him live in Casey's room. But, I didn't want to have Gil so far away, so I reasoned that Casey needed his own Betta in an aquarium, so along came Woody, so named by Casey in honor of his favorite movie character of late.

He's a beautiful specimen as well and this photo which was very hard to get just doesn't do him justice. He is gorgeous and his color reminds me of the dress Scarlett O' Hara wore when she had been caught with Ashley and Rhett made her go to Melanie's party anyway!.... Yes, you can see where the sickness is starting to take shape.

So, I find myself at a local pet store buying kitty litter, when I just happen to make my way over to the fish department. I don't know why, oh yeah, I wanted to get a plant for Gilbert (he didn't have one at the time). I happened upon the little section where they so coldly keep the Betta's in little plastic jars in gross blue water, separated from all the other fish (sorta like special ed sometimes-whoops I didn't say that). Lo and behold, I found this guy!

An orange Betta? I never knew such a thing existed! "He must be a lucky Betta!" I thought to myself! He could be a good friend to Gil! Well, not really because Betta's are also known as Fighting Fish, and they don't really like, well, anyone. But still, he's orange! I'll take him! And thus, Paco found his place in our home, right near Gil, but not too close. Parallel play if you will!

So, I had 3 Bettas. No biggie.

But then I found myself going to the pet store, under the guise that I was buying my cat Simba special food that I could only get there, and instead making my way over to the fish section again the next week (and by the way, Simba isn't suffering, I already had some of the food at home).

On this trip, I found this fabulous fella!

He looks like a pearl, and he seemed to have some personality as you can see clearly in the photo, seriously. So, feeling a little weird and guilty, I went up to the register with my new fishy acquisition. Part of the fun is naming, and he sorta reminded me of this Albino musician, Edgar Winter, who we just saw perform with Ringo Starr. So, Edgar it was.

Four biggie.....

So mom was coming to visit the next week. Wouldn't it be cute to have a fish in her room where she slept, especially after she specifically asked that there not be. Oh, I suppose I could have put Edgar, or Paco in there. But what fun was that? Off to the pet store again.....

This is Freddie, so named by Bill. I gave him this responsibility thinking it would make him like the fish more, feel more connected. It hasn't...but isn't he cute? All green and red and perty! He's very active. My mom actually liked him and found his presence calming by her bedside.

Ok, after Edgar, my friends were even commenting that perhaps I had a problem. Our friend Don came up with a rather humorous scenario that I would eventually be on the news when it's discovered that over 300 fish were found in my home. Bill's only comment to the reporter would be "I only thought she had 5!".

I was back at the pet shop again getting more litter (cats poop a lot) and some cat food that was really needed this time. I told myself ENOUGH! I wasn't going to do it but, I strolled over anyway, just to have a look, and I found this beauty!

So purple, and just the cutest little fish face ever! I chose white rocks and a white plant to put in his container to accentuate his beauty.(This should have been a sign that things were going terribly wrong) His name is Basil. I was feeling British that day. He is really bright colored in person.

That was a week ago, and since then.....since then, I did buy another but I haven't revealed it to Bill yet because, well, I think he will probably institutionalize me and run away with Casey, after giving all the fish away. But he was yellow and white and blue, and he looked at me like "Take me home!" and I named him Javier.....I don't have a picture right now, as I am trying not to draw to much attention to the fact that I bought a seventh.

I fear that by revealing my Betta obsession like this, some may stop reading, and any of my close friends who do might stop calling. But I just enjoy them so much! Can't I have a hobby other than Autism, and Autism blogging? Is it so wrong to have 7 fish in separate little bowls? They're well cared for and they don't make noise or disturb the neighbors. They don't bite, and well, they smell a little if I don't change their water frequently! Whatever, call me crazy Betta lady, I don't care!

All I have to say is BETTA FISH ROCK!

What's happened to me?........